Queen’s Favorite Witch Buzz

ALA GNCRT Best Graphic Novels For Children Nominee 2021

“The colorful trinkets, flat backgrounds, and lax line-work provide a fun, simple atmosphere for Daisy to explore, and while the introduction provides historical context, even readers uninterested in Elizabethan England will enjoy following this young, likable witch on her daring adventure”
“With the energy and humor of stories like Nimona and Kiki’s Delivery Service, Smith’s art is bright and colorful, featuring characters with wide, expressive eyes……For kids, teens, and even grown-ups who delight in historical fantasy about witches, palace intrigue, and girls learning to trust their own power”
-School Library Journal
“Dickson introduces promising relationships to develop across the series’ comic game of thrones”
Publishers Weekly
The Queen’s Favorite Witch is lively, funny, compassionate, endearing, engrossing, clever, and very well drawn, and uses history creatively and mischievously in the way that good fantasy fiction should”
-Professor Ronald E Hutton
M.A.(Cantab.), D.Phil.(Oxon.), F.R.Hist.S., F.S.A., FLSW, FBA
Professor of History, Department of History (Historical Studies)
Early Modern Studies