The Loud House Vol.8 “Livin’ La Casa Loud!”


Release Date: November 26th, 2019 PRICE: $7.99/$12.99 CREATOR: The Loud House Creative Team

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Lincoln Loud and Ronnie Anne Santiago have a lot in common. They are both surrounded by their large families, both have had their fair share of hand me downs, and both the same age. Join Ronnie Anne, Lincoln and their big and loud families as they face everyday life and adventures galore! All-new stories by the creative teams of The Loud House and Casagrandes!


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Release Date: November 26th, 2019

Format: Paperback/Hardcover

ISBN: 9781545803431/9781545803424

Price: $7.99/$12.99

Trim Size: 6 x 9

Page Count: 64 pages

Age Range: 7+



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