Tales From the Crypt Vol. 2


Can You Fear Me Now?

AUTHORS: Fred Van Lente, Stefan Petrucha, Don McGregor, etc.
ARTISTS: Mr. Exes, Chris Noeth, etc…

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Presenting four all-new TALES FROM THE CRYPT by today’s top graphic novel authors and artists. “The Garden” by “Action Philosophers,” “Spider-Man,” and “Fantastic Four” writer Fred Van Lente and artist Mr. Exes, is the shocking tale of a man named Richard, who is promised servants and beautiful women waiting on him hand and foot in paradise, all in exchange for completing one simple task. “The Tenant” by Neil Kleid, author of “Brownsville,” features the fearsome fate of slumlord James Winchell, who, after one of his tenants dies due to his neglect, is forced to live in one of his buildings by a creepy cemetery. “Crystal Clear” by Don McGregor offers a frightening look at what happens to a gangster, with a cell phone technology imbedded in his head, when one of his victims seeks revenge. And finally, “Slabbed,” by “Nancy Drew,” “Timetripper,” and “X-Files” writer Stefan Petrucha and artist Alison Acton, depicts the dire consequences of what can happen to you if you sell a priceless collector’s comicbook to the wrong dealer. All stories introduced by The Crypt-Keeper, and his fellow ghoulunatics, The Old Witch and The Vault-Keeper, in classic pun-filled CRYPT-style by writer Jim Salicrup and “Beavis & Butt-head” artist Rick Parker. Includes stories not seen in the comic books.

Release Date: December 26, 2007

Format: Paperback / Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-59707-084-3  /  978-1-59707-085-0

Price: $7.95 / $12.95

Trim Size: 5 x 7.5

Page Count: 112 pages

Age Range: 10+