Nickelodeon Magazine #6


PRICE: $4.99
AUTHORS: Carson Montgomery, Eric Esquivel, and Stefan Petrucha
ARTISTS: James Kaminski, Allison Strejlau, Andreas Schuster, Brandon B.

Product Description

SPECIAL HOLIDAY ISSUE—Featuring holiday-themed cover and features, in the inimitable Nickelodeon style. Tha Farce will be with us! The issue is packed with all-new comics, featuring Sanjay and Craig in “Guitarmed and Dangerous,” by Eric Esquivel and Sam Spina. Sanjay and Craig go to their first real concert. The Tuff Skulls are opening for a big, popular heavy metal act. Sanjay gets into an impromptu air guitar contest with a couple of the other attendees (using Craig as his faux guitar) in the parking lot before the show. The air guitar showdown intensifies until Sanjay and the other participants accidentally summon the rock and roll Gods with their enthusiasm, and they decimate the venue and keep The Tuff Skulls from playing their first big show. Sanjay panics, worried that the Dicksons are going to kill him for ruining their chance at stardom. How to do Sanjay and Craig survive this predicament? Plus all-new comics starring Breadwinners, Harvey Beaks, and Pig Goat Banana Cricket! Also regular features such as Says Who and a December Calendar, and more!

Release Date: November 25, 2015

Format: magazine

Price: $4.99

Trim Size: 8.5″ x 10.875″

Page Count: 32 pages

Age Range: 7+


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