Magical History Tour Volume 5: The Plague


Magical History Tour Volume 5

(Coming September 28th, 2021) PRICE: $6.99 AUTHOR: Fabrice Erre & Sylvain Savoia

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Modern day kids Annie and Nico go on a magical history tour back to explore some of the worst infectious diseases of all time. The plague has caused the loss of millions and shaped the course of history for the modern world. Together, Annie and Nico explore the history of pandemics and learn about history’s most notorious pandemics to better understand today’s current health crisis. Experience the ins and outs of this complicated topic with Annie and Nico as the helpful guides in this pocket-sized book.

Format: Hardcover


Price: $6.99

Trim Size: 5 x 6.5

Page Count: 48 pages

Age Range: 7+