Geronimo Stilton 3-in-1 #4


Geronimo Stilton 3-in-1 #4

(Coming February 8th, 2022) PRICE: $14.99 AUTHOR: Geronimo Stilton


Product Description

The hit Scholastic chapter book series also has its best-selling graphic novel series from Papercutz. As Geronimo continues to garner new fans from his animated adventures, Papercutz proudly collects 3 Geronimo Stilton graphic novels in 1 specially priced paperback! Geronimo Stilton and friends travel back to the past in the Speedrat to save the future from dastardly Pirate Cats: First they head to the first modern Olympics in Greece, then they must save the Eiffel Tower from being cat-napped, and finally Geronimo suits up to assist the first Samurai. Fun and educational, Geronimo Stilton has a huge fan following and thanks to the new animated series, that following is growing all the time!

Release Date: February 8th, 2021

Format: Paperback


Price: $14.99

Trim Size: 6.5 x 9

Page Count: 144 pages

Age Range: 7+

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