Geeky Fab Five Volume 4: Food Fight for Fiona


 Geeky Fab Five Volume 4

(Coming September 15, 2020)  AUTHOR: Liz and Lucy Lareau

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Rainbow volcano cakes, glitter you can eat, and an effort to help end student hunger at Earhart Elementary are all part of the Geeky F@b 5’s next adventure.  As the girls dive into a frenzy of volcano cake baking, a new girl has just transferred into the GF5’s class at Earhart Elementary. The Geeky F@b 5 befriends Fiona
and her young brother, Freddy, who always seems to be hungry. Both are pretty impressed with Sofia’s tablet, Marina’s knowledge of outer space, Zara’s fancy headphones, A.J.’s ladybug car, and Lucy’s sassy kitty, Hubble. They all become fast friends and later discover Fiona and Freddy don’t live in a home like most kids.
In class and on a special field trip,  the girls are learning about food: how to eat the rainbow, milk a cow, and discover not every student has enough food over the weekend.  To help, the GF5 rallies their school to lead the way in the annual student hunger drive to help stock the local food bank. Join in as the GF5 rallies behind their
friends in a “Food Fight for Fiona.”


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Format: Hardcover/Paperback


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Trim Size: 6 x 9

Page Count: 64 pages

Age Range: 7+

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