Fuzzy Baseball Vol 1.


Fuzzy Baseball Vol 1.

(Hardcover coming March 26th 2019/ Paperback Available Now) PRICE: $12.99/ $7.99


Product Description

It’s the game everyone has been waiting for-The Fernwood Valley Fuzzies Vs. The Rocky Ridge Red Claws! The Fuzzies, featuring such all-star players as Jackie Rabbitson, Sandy Kofox, and Hammy Sosa, are ready. So are the Red Claws, with players like Gator Gibson, Stetch Giraffolo, and Fernado del Toro. Together they’ll make this the greatest game ever played between the two longtime rivals. And you have a front row seat at Fuzzy Field!

Release Date: Paperback on May 2, 2016/ Hardcover on March 26th 2019

Format: Paperback/ Hardcover

ISBN: 9781629914770/9781545804353

Price: $7.99/12.99

Trim Size: 6 x 9

Page Count: 64 pages

Age Range: 7+


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