Dinosaur Explorers Vol. 3: “Playing in the Permian”


Publish Date: November 27th, 2018

PRICE: $12.99/$16.99
AUTHOR: Albbie & Redcode


Product Description

Dinosaur Explorers Vol. 3: “Playing in the Permian” out November 2018!

This time, the X-Venture Xplorers’ are in the Permian – Carboniferous eras, around 350 million years back. Many creatures which are small today were very big back then- which presents a big problem when the X-Venture Xplorers come face to face with things like giant spiders! Even more big dangers from today’s small creatures await the team as they quickly realize that it is a bad idea to be PLAYING IN THE PERMIAN!

Release Date: November 27, 2018

Format: Paperback/Hardcover


Price: $12.99/$16.99

Trim Size: 5.5 x 8

Page Count: 184 pages

Age Range: 7+

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