Barbie: “Puppy Party” Vol. 1


“Puppy Party”

PRICE: $7.99-$12.99
AUTHOR: Danica Davidson
ARTIST: Victoria Robado


Product Description

Did you know Barbie has three sisters? Did you know they all had adorable puppies? Even if you didn’t, you can probably guess that the girls and their dogs will get in to all sorts of adventures!
Barbie and her sisters, Chelsea, Stacie, and Skipper, along with their puppies, Taffy, DJ, Honey, and Rookie, are invited to a prestigious Dog Show in the big city. The Dog Show is trying to change its elitest image by inviting all types of dogs to enter—not just purebreds. But something funny is going on at the Dog Show as one contestant after another starts to mysteriously disappear. Just to make matters even more complicated—Taffy, DJ, Honey, and Rookie wind up getting lost in the city. Will Barbie and her sisters be reunited with their puppies?

Format: Paperback/Hardcover

ISBN: 9781629916088/9781629916095

Price: $7.99/$12.99

Trim Size: 6 x 9

Page Count: 64 pages

Age Range: 6+


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