A Gift for Every Reader, Our Best of 2021

We at Papercutz want to first wish you all the best in this very trying year. We hope you and your loved ones have all been staying happy and healthy as we face challenge after challenge, albeit hopefully turning a corner on the pandemic into a better new year. With that said, we’d like to end the year on a more positive note and help you with your holiday shopping. This year may have had its ups and downs, but we at Papercutz were honored to have published so many great new stories to ignite readers’ imaginations and take them on literary journeys away from the everyday grind, if even for a moment.

On top of the quality books we had published this year, we have also published a wide range of diverse books, where we can proudly say this year we have a gift for every reader in your life. Not only are these books diverse in theme and genre, but they’re also our best of the best from this year and we’re proud to present them to you. The middle-grade graphic novel field is as vibrant as ever, with new and imaginative books being published every day. We’re honored to be a part of it and contribute to it with our titles and create lasting memories for all readers.
So let us help you make more memories with this guide.

For Readers of Magical Coming-of-Age Stories

We’re proud to introduce the world to Daisy, the down-to-earth witch from the British countryside who is soon to be thrown into the tumultuous Elizabethan royal court in THE QUEEN’S FAVORITE WITCH!

When young Daisy- a precocious young witch from the British countryside- discovers that Queen Elizabeth’s royal witch passes away, she rushes at the opportunity for adventure and makes her way to London to audition to become
THE QUEEN’S FAVORITE WITCH! But Daisy will soon find she’s got more than she’s bargained for, as she’s swept up into the political intrigue and double-crossing that comes with the halls of power in the court. It will take all of Daisy’s wit and grit to keep up with the ever-changing tides of the British royal courts and become the Queen’s Favorite Witch, all while everyone’s looking for her to fail, from her fellow competitors to power players in the shadows manipulating her every step.

Find Out More About The Queen’s Favorite Witch Here

For Readers of History

MAGICAL HISTORY TOUR is a fun, educational journey through various different time periods and events as modern day kids Annie and Nico explore various facets of our history and how they affect us today, teaching about these topics in fun, easy-to-follow ways. From The Great Pyramid to The Great Wall of China, each volume presents a new exciting topic for Annie and Nico to explore in a fun-sized format. Perfect for gift-giving!

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For Readers of The Classics

Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy some classic comic book action with two of the biggest names in comics:
The Smurfs and Asterix, both presented in convenient collections!

We are proud to present the complete collection of classic Smurf-tastic adventures from world-renowned cartoonist Peyo with THE SMURF TALES, now available in brand new 3-in-1 volumes that collect three volumes worth of smurfy stories in one, as well as classic stories from Peyo’s other creations like Johan and Pewitt!
Catch up with your blue buddies and enjoy their brand new cartoon on Nickelodeon that started airing this September!

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We are proud to continue the US publication of the world’s bestselling comics series Asterix!
Asterix is the main character in a village of holdout Gauls who were never vanquished by the occupying Roman army. One reason they’ve successfully held off the Roman forces: a secret potion the village’s druid Panoramix knows how to concoct that makes all the village’s citizens super-powerful! Well, at least for a short period of time.
Catch up with your favorite Gauls in special Omnibus editions that collect three classic Asterix stories in one volume,
as we get closer to collecting the entire series!
That’s not all! We’re also happy to bring the newest story in the Asterix series, Asterix & The Griffin!
Find out what adventures Asterix and Obelix get into when they cross paths with the legendary Griffin on
December 28th!

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For Readers Who Watch The Loud House

Between the Netflix movie this August, the first-ever Live-Action Holiday Special, and all of our graphic novel specials, it’s never been a better time to be a fan of THE LOUD HOUSE and THE CASAGRANDES!

THE CASAGRANDES follows Ronnie Anne, one of Lincoln Loud’s best friends, and the rest of her expansive family in new adventures in the big city of Great Lakes City! From pirate adventures with her cousin CJ to cooking lessons with her Abuela Rosa, this series holds a collection of hilarious and heartwarming stories starring The Casagrandes and putting a spotlight on fan-favorite characters from the hit show! With The Casagrandes show being met with rave reviews, being recognized for its important, multigenerational Latino representation, Season 2 currently airing to stellar ratings, and with Season 3 greenlit at Nickelodeon, now is the perfect time to get to know your new favorite family!

With summer vacation on the horizon, Lincoln Loud, his expansive family, and his friend Ronnie Anne and her family The Casagrandes look forward to a summer full of laugh-out-loud adventures in THE LOUD HOUSE SUMMER SPECIAL! From trips to the beach to enjoying their favorite ice cream, The Louds and The Casagrandes make the most of the fun in the sun in this collection of interconnected stories from The Loud House and The Casagrandes Creative Team in the next special-themed volume for the series.

Who doesn’t love THE LOUD HOUSE? That chaotic household of Lincoln Loud and his 10 sisters- Lori, Leni, Luna, Lynn, Luan, Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lisa, and Lily? They certainly love each other, even if they seem to be driving each other crazy. See for yourself and check out what going on with the Louds and the ones that love them in

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For Readers of Bug-Filled Books

We’re proud to present a multi-eyed look into the daily life of THE FLY, for all the creepy crawler fans in your life!

From famed French cartoonist LEWIS TRONDHEIM (Dungeon, Monster, Poppies of Iraq, Infinity 8) comes the hilarious, multi-eyed look into the life of THE FLY! Trondheim presents a creative, completely wordless portrayal of the everyday life of a common housefly, from its humble beginnings to the colossal dangers it faces from everyday people minding their business. It’s a hilarious, somewhat sympathetic walk in a fly’s very small shoes that may make you even like flies -well, at least empathize with them- by the time you’re done reading.

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For Readers of Out-of-This-World Comedy

Join Astro Mouse, his second in command Light Bulb, and their pet… caca as they travel the cosmos embrace the absurdity of space in ASTRO MOUSE AND LIGHT BULB!

ASTRO MOUSE AND LIGHT BULB follows our titular space crew on an odd cosmic odyssey of epic proportions, with emphasis on “odd”. From sentient caca to potato wrestlers to a civil war between mint and fruit-flavored chewing gum, you never know who or what Astro Mouse and Light Bulb will run into out there. Each volume is jam-packed with silly space stories presented in a simple yet hilariously cartoonish art style that anyone will enjoy! Young readers will revel in the absurd, often crass humor in this series. As the saying goes, in space, no one can hear you laugh!

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Before We Go…

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of great graphic novels and that this helped you find the right one for your favorite reader in your life! Before we go, we’d like to extend some extra help this holiday season a bit easier with our site-wide sale above. Feel free to enter the code HOME at checkout for 25% off (Excluding Asterix titles)
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Have a Happy Holiday season and keep reading!