A Gift for Every Reader, Our Best of 2020

We at Papercutz want to first wish you all the best in this very trying year. We hope you and your loved ones have all been staying happy and healthy as we face challenge after challenge. With that said, we’d like to end the year on a more positive note and help you with your holiday shopping. This year may have had its ups and downs, but we at Papercutz were honored to have published so many great new stories to ignite readers’ imaginations and take them on literary journeys away from the everyday grind, if even for a moment.

On top of the quality books we had published this year, we have also published a wide range of diverse books, where we can proudly say this year we have a gift for every reader in your life. Not only are these books diverse in theme and genre, but they’re also our best of the best from this year and we’re proud to present them to you. The middle-grade graphic novel field is as vibrant as ever, with new and imaginative books being published every day. We’re honored to be a part of it and contribute to it with our titles and create lasting memories for all readers.
So let us help you make more memories with this guide.

For Readers of Fairytales

Bluebeard by Metaphrog

Fairytale masters Metaphrog are known for their lovingly rendered re-telling of fairytale classics, such as The Little Mermaid and The Red Shoes. This year they’ve done it once again, this time bringing the classic tale of the evil baron Bluebeard to life in beautiful watercolors. Bluebeard stars a young girl named Eve who has been whisked away to the castle of the evil Bluebeard to be his bride. But unbeknownst to her, Bluebeard’s castle holds a terrible secret that she’s set on discovering. A beautiful, watercolor coming of age story from masters of their craft, Bluebeard is another hit from Metaphrog.

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For Readers of The Classics

Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy some classic comic book action with two of the biggest names in comics:
The Smurfs and Asterix, both presented in convenient collections!

We are proud to present the complete collection of classic Smurf-tastic adventures from world-renowned cartoonist Peyo in this graphic novel series, now available in 3-in-1 volumes that collect three volumes worth of smurfy stories in one! Catch up with your blue buddies to be ready for their new cartoon on Nickelodeon, airing next year!
Volume 4 is the latest in the series, with more at the link below!

Find Out More About The Smurfs Here

We are proud to take over US publishing of the world’s bestselling comics series Asterix in honor of his 60th anniversary!
Asterix is the main character in a village of holdout Gauls who were never vanquished by the occupying Roman army. One reason they’ve successfully held off the Roman forces: a secret potion the village’s druid Panoramix knows how to concoct that makes all the village’s citizens super-powerful! Well, at least for a short period of time.
Catch up with your favorite Gauls in special Omnibus editions that collect three classic Asterix stories in one volume!

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For Readers of Mythology

The Mythics Volume 1

The Mythics is a globe-trotting, coming of age story of mythic proportions! Six teens from across the globe awaken their connections to their country’s deities to unlock mythological powers to defeat the invading darkness.
Follow Yuko of Japan, Parvati of India, Amir of Egypt, Abigail of Germany, Miguel of Mexico, and Neo of Greece as they learn to harness their powers and accept their responsibility as protectors of Earth!

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For Readers of Sci-Fi

We have two out-of-this-world sci-fi series that will take readers to brand new worlds and meet fantastic new characters, all from the comfort of their own homes.

School For Extraterrestrial Girls follows mild-mannered student Tara who lives a very scheduled life. One day her lucky bracelet breaks and she discovers that she’s actually an alien from another planet with fire powers, and her parents aren’t who they seem to be! Tara is then whisked off to a secret facility known as the School For Extraterrestrial Girls where she must learn to adapt to her new life and control her powers. An out of this world, coming of age story by the award-winning team of Jeremy Whitley (Unstoppable Wasp, Princeless) and Jamie Noguchi (Erfworld)!

Find Out More About School For Extraterrestrial Girls Here

The Only Living Girl is the next chapter in the award-winning The Only Living Boy saga, which follows Zee and her friends across the Patchwork planet to battle Consortium and atone for her late father’s heinous acts against the people of the planet. From the award-winning The Only Living Boy team of David Gallaher and Steve Ellis comes
a one of a kind, sci-fi pulp adventure, with an emphasis on science!

Find Out More About The Only Living Girl Here

For Readers of Humor

This year we have three books that will make anyone’s day, no matter how much of a Scrooge they are!

Attack of the Stuff is by Jim Benton, the award-winning cartoonist behind It’s Catwad, Franny K. Stein, and many others. Attack of the Stuff follows mild-mannered hay salesman Bill Waddler, who’s got a not-so-mild-mannered power. He can talk to appliances! And boy, can they talk back. Will Bill ever know peace with a house full of objects complaining to him night and day? Attack of the Stuff is a surreal comedy about the things we own in the classic Jim Benton style.

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Gillbert Volume 3 is by Art Baltazar, the award-winning cartoonist behind Tiny Titans, Itty Bitty Hellboy, and many more. The Gillbert series follows the nautical, nonsensical adventures of Gillbert the Merman and friends as they explore the secrets of the deep sea and the strange creatures they meet along the way. A whimsical oceans’ worth of laughs awaits in Gillbert!
Volume 3 is the latest in the series, with more at the link below!

Find Out More About Gillbert Here

Lola’s Super Club is a brand new series that follows young Lola as she harnesses the power of her imagination to become a superhero! When Lola’s father, world-renowned secret agent James Blond (so secret even he doesn’t know he is one!), goes missing, it’s up to her to suit up and save the day with the strongest weapon she has, her imagination! Armed with her mind, her best friend Super James (a toy dinosaur that can grow in size, alas, his underwear doesn’t) her cat named Hot Dog, and a magic pencil and eraser (very handy for erasing cave monsters), Super-Lola sets out to save the day!

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For Readers of Fun STEM Comics

Want to learn about the world AND have fun at the same time? Well, we have three series for you!

Dinosaur Explorers follows a group of researchers as they’re sent flying back to prehistoric times and must learn about the various creatures that live there to survive! Each volume covers a different time period and each chapter of manga-like action is supplemented with informative textbook entries about the creatures that appeared in said chapter.
Volume 7 is the latest in the series, with more at the link below!

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In the same vein as Dinosaur Explorers, X-Venture Xplorers follows a team of young researchers, but this time they’re learning about different animal species in each issue, and finding out which species would win in a battle (virtually of course)! It’s Lions vs Tigers, Bears vs Monkies, and other dream matchups that will have you on the edge of your seats while also teaching you a thing or two.

Find Out More About X-Venture Xplorers Here

The Geeky F@b Five are a group of best friends who set out to prove that girls can excel in the STEM fields and anything else they put their minds to! Each volume has the F@b Five tackling a different issue in their community with their STEM skills!
An empowering series for any young female reader!
Volume 4 is the latest in the series, with more at the link below!

Find Out More About Geeky F@b Five Here

For Readers With Cats

We all know someone who’s got a special furry friend in their lives, and we’ve got plenty of great graphic novels for them!

Brina The Cat follows Brina as she explores the great outdoors and the wonders of the city, and all the other animal friends she meets along the way. A heartwarming cat tale about the importance of our pets, in a beautiful art style!

Find Out More About Brina The Cat Here

Cat & Cat follows Catherine and her new cat Sushi and all the hijinks they get into! Each volume is packed with one-page gags that any cat-owner will relate to!

Find Out More About Cat & Cat Here

Chloe & Cartoon spins out of the hit Charmz series Chloe, this time around focusing on Chloe’s cat Cartoon and how the two of them met and became lifelong friends!

Find Out More About Chloe & Cartoon Here

Before We Go…

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of great graphic novels and that this helped you find the right one for your favorite reader in your life! Before we go, we’d like to extend some extra help this holiday season a bit easier with our site-wide sale above. Feel free to enter the code HOME at checkout for 25% off (Excluding Asterix titles)
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Have a Happy Holiday season and keep reading!