Lola's Super Club Creative Team

Pierre Fouillet

Pierre Fouillet


Pierre Fouillet was born in 1958 in the countryside. He grew up sketching animals but went on to study Fine Arts instead of veterinary sciences. He has since exchanged the green pastures of the countryside for the gray concrete of Paris. He has worked on childrens books and graphic novels for the past 15 years.

Christine Beigel


Christine Beigel was born in 1972 in France and spent her life in Paris and Mallorca. Beigel is the writer of over 40 childrens books, from books for the littlest of readers to dark novels for older teens. She enjoys spending her time traveling along the border of the real and the imaginary, where all is possible and humor is everywhere. Lola’s Super Club is her first comic for kids. Her influences include Jorge Luis Borges, Lewis Carrol, James Bond and Terry Gilliam.

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