The Smurfs: Buzz


“The colours, graphics and dialogue are all classic Smurf. The new characters are funny and unique. An enjoyable quick read.” – Donna Sanders, Librarian

“I’m in nostalgia heaven! […] Highly recommended to introduce Smurfs to a younger generation, or if you grew up a fan of the original comics/animated show.” – San Francisco Book Review

“Lovely, funny and entertaining.” – Readdayandnight

“Super Cute … Super Awesome … Super Smurftastic!”

Praise for SMURFS

“An impressive introduction to the world of comics.” — DIAMOND GALLERIES SCOOP

Covered on the French kids’ comics fansite, Spirou Reporter, in the context of other foreign- language treatments of the classic Peyo comics.

Previewed on SLJ’s “Good Comics For Kids” blog with a brief overview of the controversial “Purple Smurfs” story: “When it was released in the U.S. in the 1970s, the context had changed drastically, and the editors decided to change black to purple—which really keeps the story closer to its original intent, if you think about it.”

Recommended as one of “30 Books For the Summer” on the French Embassy’s culture page.

“As we’ve raved over the years on this column, the material is great. If you have never read the magic of a Peyo comic on the page, Papercutz has given us it on nice glossy pages and wrapped in a hardcover, and there is plenty of entertainment for all ages.” — COMIC ATTACK

“These were really good smurfs. I hadn’t smurfed them before even though I am a fan of the Smurfs (I have read more modern smurfs). . . . I think this Smurf-ology is a smurf for Smurf fans and young smurfers.” — THIS KID REVIEWS BOOKS

“For fans of all ages, the SMURFS ANTHOLOGY from Papercutz is a must-have necessity! . . . The reprinting of these tales on full 8.5 x 11 glossy pages allows for much easier reading with the larger font, and Peyo’s already smurf-tastic art is even better displayed and defined with stronger colors.” — COMIC RELATED

“The story demonstrates that, as originally presented, the Smurfs were more than the throwaway kiddie cartoon they have been in America.” — THE INDIANA GAZETTE

“The original graphic albums should stand proudly on a shelf alongside Tintin, Asterix and Pogo as sterling examples of the Ninth Art, and Peyo’s reputation should be stronger than it is. Luckily, in the United States, Papercutz agrees. . . . At last they’re giving it the archive treatment, with the first volume hitting stores in plenty of time before the movie, to show you just how good the source material is.” — FANBOY PLANET

“The characters are cute, the conflicts are simple and the art is wonderful. . . . It’s wonderful that they’re releasing these classic stories.” — WHAT’CHA READING?

“The Smurfs are one of the best and well-loved graphic novels for kids. “The Smurflings” is cute, wildly humorous, and all Smurfy.” — KID LIT REVIEWS

“An excellent addition to any public library collection, as it would have appeal to various age groups, especially children of the 1980s!” — MS. YINGLING READS

“Peyo deserves credit not only for having created one of the greatest series of European graphic albums of the 20th century—right up there with Tintin and Asterix—but also for having the chutzpah to reflect some of the ideological issues that are inherent in a village of creatures who all look—and are all colored—exactly the same.” — THE ONION A.V. CLUB

Comics Beat covered the launch of SMURFS ANTHOLOGY Volume 1: “Archival quality indeed. This will give English-speaking readers a chance to dig into the history behind Peyo, and his studio’s vast output and gauge more accurately the kind of influence Peyo had on the history of comics.”
BookPage covered the launch of SMURFS ANTHOLOGY Volume 1 and ran a preview: “The Smurfs didn’t start out as a Saturday morning cartoon. They were the brainchild of a Belgian illustrator eventually known as Peyo, whose career as a dental assistant was foiled after he missed a crucial interview. He took a job as an illustrator instead, and history was made.”

“I grew up knowing the Smurfs only from Saturday Morning Cartoons, so it’s a treat as an adult to reintroduce myself to my little blue friends through the comics. If you’ve never read the Smurfs, I recommend it.” — GEEK MOM

“This is definitely something any serious Smurf lover would want to swoop up.” — MY SHELF CONFESSIONS

“A fun tribute to these enduring icons.” — GRAPHIC NOVEL REPORTER

“A pleasure to read, The Smurfs Anthology is a Smurf-lovers gem.” — KID LIT REVIEWS

Peter Rios of the popular Comics Geek Speak podcast recommended the book in his weekly picks episode. (Starts at 6:50)

Comics blog Robot 6 ran an in-depth look at the comics’ original publication history with a thoughtful discussion about art alterations to one of the stories for U.S. audiences.

Featured in The Comics Journal’s “This Week In Comics” column: “Having coined sufficient returns on wee-sized editions for America’s youth, Papercutz now turns to adult enthusiasts of mid-20th century Belgian comics — that swelling legion.”

“Every volume of THE SMURFS is always a good time for readers of all-ages, and over the past few years there hasn’t been a bad one in the bunch.” — COMIC ATTACK

A Children’s Book Council “Hot Off the Press” Selection

“Charming, accessible, character-driven adventures, drawn by a cartoonist whose work is just as vital today as it was when originally published.” — GOOD COMICS FOR KIDS

“These little guys were born from the pen of Peyo way back in 1958, and all these years later are still some of the most funny, heart-warming, endearing comics out there.” — COMIC ATTACK “Best All-Ages Comics of 2012”

“The Baby Smurf is a prime example of the ways in which Peyo will surprise even the Smurf-familiar with edgier narrative and dialogue than the cartoons ever allowed, and somewhat more intricate elements of storytelling. It pokes at the more outlandish elements of Smurf mythology in self-aware fashion, keeping humor fresh, but manages to remain impressively emotive in its messages.” — COMICS BEAT

“Peyo’s Smurf books are effective, enjoyable comics and an obvious long-time kids favorite. . . . Having this material out there on the stands right now is a definite blessing. I know at least two sets of kids that have read every one.” — COMICS REPORTER

“An enjoyable read. This book is a must have for a Smurf fan’s collection.” — THE REAL TV LAND

“A great addition to any SMURFS fan’s collection. . . . If you are like me and grew up with these fun loving blue people, you will definitely enjoy this.” — DAD OF DIVAS 

“Charming and whimsical. . . . Any story with the Smurfs will elicit a nostalgic feel, but this will also bring in new fans.” — NO FLYING, NO TIGHTS 

“These Smurfs book are super-solid.” — COMICS REPORTER 

“The magic of Peyo and his art shines through.” — COMIC ATTACK

“Cartooning’s craftsmanship at its height.” — THE COMICS JOURNAL 

“Remarkably timeless.” — NEWSARAMA

“Filled with blithe adventures, exaggerated visual humor, and warmhearted innocence, these comics are both entertaining and endearing.” — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

“These are collections that Peyo fans will not want to miss, and that will look great on any bookshelf.” –  FORCES OF GEEK