The Only Living Girl: Buzz

“In terms of imaginative world building & multi-layered storytelling,
The Only Living Boy was a great read. Now we’re putting the spotlight
on the daughter of a villain… sign me up.”

—The Pullbox

Simultaneously wondrous and relatable.  Don’t we all know what it
feels like to grow up the child of a mad scientist?  Or is that just
The Only Living Girl is the cartoon I wished I had as a kid, but
told in the language of comics, which makes it even better.”

— Jon Callan, writer BEN 10, YOUNG JUSTICE

“The Only Living Girl hooks you right from the high-stakes start. Zee
Parfitt has a second chance at life on a patchwork planet, but she’s
haunted by her own troubled legacy, danger is looming, and epic
adventure awaits. It is impossible not to turn these pages!“

– Michael Northrop, author, DEAR JUSTICE LEAGUE

“The Only Living Girl is the start of an exciting new chapter for the
world of Chimerika, and Gallaher and Ellis have created an equally
exciting new heroine to lead us through it.”

– Norm Harper, author HAPHAVEN

“Gallaher & Ellis have struck again!”

– Adam Vermillion, host FOR THE LOVE OF COMICS podcast.