The Only Living Boy: Buzz

“The excitement never stops right up to the magnificent conclusion, in this treasure highly recommended for public library collections and connoisseurs of quality graphic novels” -The Midwest Book Review

“The Only Living Boy brought me back to the some of the classic cartoons of the 80’s.” – About.Com

“The Only Living Boy is an entrancing ballad of a little boy lost, an epic fantasy with an intimate focus. It conjures a fully-realized environment of mysterious ruins and gladiators and monsters that evokes ‘Planet Hulk‘ and ‘Planet Of The Apes‘ equally; a bountiful feast of imagination that’s both science fiction and fairy tale.”
– Depth of Field

“It’s a hodge podge of fantastic and compelling characters that reminds me a bit of Marvel’s Micronauts and of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.” – Flashback Universe

“This is classic adventure fiction in the vein of Burroughs and Kipling with a protagonist that will remind you of Tom, Huck, Jim Hawkins and all those other heroes you wanted to be when you were a kid.” – Whatcha Reading

“Sometimes you run across a piece of art – a film, song, whatever – that you instantly fall in love with. It brings with it a sense of nostalgia, the wonder you found in something similar at another point in time, and at the same time realize that it’s a great work in its own right. That’s the kind of feeling that Steve Ellis and David Gallaher’s comic The Only Living Boy gives. It will remind you of comics of yesteryear, of Saturday morning cartoons, and of fun, epic adventures you always loved reading about.” – The Upstarts Project

“The story is cute, fast paced and engaging. Plus… two headed dragon. That’s a big point booster right there. It’s clear that both Gallaher and Ellis are winning combination.” – The Frog Queen


“Kids’ comics have experienced a renaissance in the last few years, and The Only Living Boy is ready to join the ranks of books like Bone andAmulet as one of the very best.” – blastr

“Ellis’ full-color art looks like something right out of a classic fantasy comic… The episodic plot and quick-fire pace will appeal to reluctant readers hoping for a big payoff from a small package.”— BOOKLIST

“Wildly inventive!” – CHICAGO REVIEW OF BOOKS

“Whether you are a child or an adult you will love this comic.” – JAZMA ONLINE

“Fast-paced and adventuresome engagement from the first frame” – MOM-SPOT

“Gallaher is a sharp and entertaining writer, and Ellis is an exciting and versatile illustrator. Their story is a real treat all around and would make a great gift for preteens and up.” – THE MIAMI HERALD

“I’d recommend this series to kids young and old who like adventure with heart” – THE GOOD MEN PROJECT