Melowy Buzz

Praise for Melowy

“Fans of magical ponies and other fantastic creatures, rejoice! Creator Danielle Star has come up with anew series featuring Melowies, magical unicorns crossed with Pegasuses, and Powell’s text and the bubbly, candy-colored art by Jampole constitute the perfect vehicle for these My Little Pony-like tales of magic and friendship at school. Fans of whimsical, effervescent comics about magical creatures will be delighted.” –Booklist Online

Melowy Volume 1: The Test of Magic” opens up the first volume of a story arc that’s absolutely perfect for kids who want to clip-clop into their first fantasy adventure in comic form. The characters and interactions are beautifully observed, so even though the action takes place in a mythical real with mythical creatures there are important threads about bullying, popularity, friendships and of course the pressure of school that kids C’s age will instantly nod along to.”

“Is it worth reading? Yes it is. Every work that is produced has meaning and value in it, and that alone makes it worth to read” –