Geronimo Stilton: Buzz

“The Good Stuff: Um, everything? In fact, I was surprised by how charming I found this book. Geronimo is a great character in that he is dedicated, good, but also not perfect.” — THE LADIES OF COMICAZI


“Likable characters, interesting story, bright and colorful, and a little educational. . . . If you haven’t read one before, take look.” — IS IT RIGHT FOR KIDS?


“What I like about these books is that the stories are completely new. They aren’t rehashed plots from the series that your kids might have already read. As nice hardbacks, and colorful comics, these would make fantastic gifts for 7–11 year olds in your life.” — 5 MINUTES FOR BOOKS


“A fun read for both boys and girls. . . . This volume of Geronimo Stilton, and those before it, would be great additions to any first or second grade classroom library.” — KID LIT REVIEWS


“I automatically order the Geronimo Stilton comics. . . . We’ll Always Have Paris is already in their hot little hands.” — NO FLYING, NO TIGHTS


“A great book to go along with watching the Olympics right now!” — THIS KID REVIEWS BOOKS 


“A delightful—and very funny—graphic novel.” — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL 


“A bit more complex than a typical kids’ comic, but the story and characters are engaging enough that readers should be pulled right on.” — GRAPHIC NOVEL REPORTER 


“GERONIMO STILTON is a hoot for those who love animals and adventure. The pace moves smoothly, the text is robust but not overwhelming, and the art is kid friendly and fun. What’s not to like?” — THE GRAPHIC CLASSROOM 


“Is it fact? Is it fiction? Neither. It’s faction, and it’s fun!” — SHELF-EMPLOYED 


“Geronimo fans will eat this up quicker than a wheel of cheddar.” — WASHINGTON TIMES 


“A neat all-ages title, best recommended for fans of the Geronimo Stilton books and graphic novel series, as well as fans of Disney comics.” — COMIC ATTACK 

“The Geronimo Stilton graphic novels are fun because they’re another addition to the Stilton family of storytelling. The stories are original – no rehashes of the chapter books here! – and offer kids some interesting facts mixed in with their fun. Geronimo is insanely popular, as are all his spinoff titles; your intermediate and middle grader readers will gobble these up. You won’t even need to booktalk this book – just put it out and stand back.” – MOM READ IT

“An impressively entertaining and deftly crafted graphic novel for young readers ages 8-12 that is very highly recommended for school and community library collections” – Midwest Book Review