Geeky Fab Five Buzz

Praise for Geeky Fab Five


Geeky Fab 5 has an explicit purpose — to show girls taking part in STEM activities. I support that, and this book achieves its goal” –

We see here that girls can achieve anything they set their hearts and minds to. This story does have ordinary kids doing the extraordinary. The kids do look cute as well as realistic in their style. Girls do rule! –

“Themes of female empowerment resonate throughout the episodic chapters. Fans will look forward to seeing what the protagonists get up to next.”– Publishers Weekly

“Jampole’s bright, rounded artwork befits the bubble-gum tone, with distinct character designs, cartoonish action, and a comically grouchy cat. The actions the girls take are potentially achievable for tweens.” – Booklist

“the book includes fascinating trivia and plenty of encouragement for STEM-inclined kids.” — School Library Journal

“Co-author Lucy Lareau is 12, and this book just might prove that children know what other children want to read” — Kirkus Review