Dance Class: Buzz

“Will be of special interest to girls old enough to think about being a dancer, even for fun, but also to boys who are interested in any form of dancing. The Nutcracker sequence alone is worth the price of the book.” — ICv2


“Tween to teen girls will be able to relate best to the series as they’ve probably experienced a lot of what is portrayed in the one-page strips, but really, anyone who enjoys a good story and a laugh will be entertained.” — SLJ “Good Comics For Kids” Pick of the Week


“There’s plenty to look at on every page, with lots of characters and background details. The slim volumes are brightly colored by Maëla Cosson, adding to the feeling that these girls live in a full world.” — COMICS WORTH READING


“Escaich and Roque have a nice and enjoyable style . . . and they offer a lot, from the expected stereotype of young girls obsessing over shopping to the more inspiring dedication the core characters have towards mastering their chosen art. . . . A hidden gem of this series is how much it quietly fights the concepts of stereotyping and over-generalization.” — THE LOTTERY PARTY


“There IS some African Folk dance, and some ballet, but there’s no real conflict between the two – the young ladies who form the central characters of the book – Alia, Julie, and Lucie -seem to love any and all dance equally. . . . Overall, this book will mostly appeal to readers who have an interest in dance, but if your kiddo really loves humor comics, they’d probably dig it, too!”— THE LADIES OF COMICAZI


Comic blog Comic Book Squad has reviewed several volumes of Dance Class  in their Dancers Read Dance Class series.


“Another winning French import from Papercutz…Crip’s art is wonderfully expressive, especially when depicting the dancing. The sequences where the girls are learning and performing the African folk dances are delightful.” — TONY ISABELLA’S BLOGGY THING


INTERVIEW: Insightful look at the development of a scene from Dance Class in this fantastic profile over at Girl Scouts Studio!


A Children’s Book Council “No Ordinary Book” Seasonal Showcase selection!


“What stands out are the glimpses suggestive of the sacrifice these girls undergo in pursuing their dreams. It’s never overly dramatic of course, but it is refreshing to see represented the awkwardness of balancing relationships and side jobs and family obligations alongside something that can be rather demanding all on its own, fun though it is.” — THE LOTTERY PARTY


“I think this is a great series. Julie, Alia and Lucie are nice girls that love dance and do it well. I like how they work hard to get what they want.” — THIS KID REVIEWS BOOKS


“A humorous . . . brightly illustrated series.” — BOOKLIST


“A fun and surprisingly addictive book.” — LIBRARY MEDIA CONNECTION


“One key to getting a reluctant reader to read is finding a story about something they are passionate about. For this reason and more, the Dance Class series is perfect for reluctant readers. It is also perfect for kids who like graphic novels, a good story, humor, and dance.” — KID LIT REVIEWS


“A charming romp into the world of middle-school-aged dance friends Julie, Alia, and Lucie . . . these stories set a positive tone for discussion about obstacles dance students face. The lively artwork is a visual treat.” — 4 DANCERS


“Both the writing by Beka and the art by Crip is good stuff, coming together nicely on the page and reaching beyond to a wider audience.” — COMIC ATTACK


“Quick and witty pacing will keep readers on their toes while the character illustrations provide spot-on emotion and antics.” — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


“Béka keeps the action flying while Crip’s cartoon illustrations provide comical details and distinctive personalities for all the characters.” — KIRKUS


“It’s a good choice for tween girls, many of whom have had these experiences or similar in their own dance classes.” — COMICS WORTH READING