The Scarlet Rose Buzz




“Lyfoung includes minimal exposition, instead focusing on dialogue and action sequences that vary from broad comedy (Maud falling into a pig sty while attempting to warn the Fox about a trap) to exciting (Maud knows her way around a rapier). Manga-inflected artwork amplifies the romance, drama, and danger while devoting attention to historical detail—though the time period is unspecified, the characters’ dress suggests the story is set during the 18th century—and the heroine’s independence and daring.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“The Scarlet Rose is a simple and adventurous story of romance and independence. The creative team uses historical and cultural context to discuss an issue common in many stories about women, heroism, and justice. Maud is a fun protagonist through which to view the series and she finds a way to counter any barrier thrown in her path. This comic is great for classrooms, kids, or just a nice afternoon of adventure, romance, and vigilantes.” – Comicosity

“a thrilling child-friendly historical adventure about a girl, her sword, and her obsession with a highwayman known as The Fox.” – Comic B*stards

“This may the first time I have used the word ‘swashbuckling’ without being ironic, but this is a swashbuckling adventure story. The art here is beautifully done and the story is sweeping.” – JD DeHart