Benny Breakiron: Buzz

“Page to page, panel to panel, this series is beautifully drawn, riddled with gags and a general sense of fun, suitable to absolutely all ages from kids to grandparents.”— BOOKGASM


“Spectacularly illustrated in that fast and loose cartoony manner, full of clever and engaging gags and adventures.” — BOOKGASM


“The Benny character works both as a little, colorful cartoon visual and within the stories as presented in terms of kind of crashing up against various storytelling cliches. Because the component actions are broken down so fully on the page, the acts of strength can actually thrill for the way they play with unexpected perspective.” — COMICS REPORTER


“Kids will love this comic series. . . . The [panels] are colorful, full of action, slapstick, and the unexpected. BENNY BREAKIRON should be a big hit.” — KID LIT REVIEWS


“A well-crafted Euro-comic adventure in the Tintin mold.” — THE ONION A.V. CLUB


“It harkens back to a simpler time in comics, but the adventures are timeless. . . . It’s a joy to see
these classic comics resurface.” — GRAPHIC NOVEL REPORTER


“It has an innocence that is totally missing in today’s comics. That’s not to say that it’s simple or sappy. Benny is a true young boy, with attitude to match. . . . 5 out of 5 for nostalgia, innocence, and kid superheroes.” — WHAT’CHA READING?


“BENNY BREAKIRON plays gently with the formula in a way that avoids either cheap laughs or outright parody, getting down to the wish fulfillment inherent in superheroes that originally appealed to kids. Kids should love this, but then, so should everyone else.” — ICV2


SPOTLIGHT:  “In this particular batch of 64 color pages, covering the earliest material, [Peyo] is joined by background artist Willy “Will” Maltaite – one of the most prominent forces in the ‘Marcinelle’ school of Belgian comics illustration centered around Spirou magazine, where this material was initially serialized. Your Gil Jordan and Sibyl-Anne albums are probably lonely, why not stoke their national pride?”  — THE COMICS JOURNAL


“BENNY BREAKIRON looks to be another winner for Papercutz. With a protagonist that kids can relate to, and good role model potential that parents and teachers can get behind, this new series is a must for any elementary or teen library and/or collection.” — GOOD COMICS FOR KIDS “Pick Of The Week”


“Along the way, there’s a couple of kidnappings, a couple of elaborate chase scenes, a stranding at sea, an inconveniently timed cold, and, at the climax, a super-strong boy in a beret, scarf and shorts battling a fleet of taxi-driving bad guys, mostly by tossing their cars into trees or flipping them on their roofs like big, red turtles. . . . The change of scenery and subject matter is a treat for Peyo fans, and a fine demonstration of the cartoonist’s range.” — GOOD COMICS FOR KIDS


“Pages and pages of almost Hergé-levels of excitement. . . . This is a really great package, of a super-strong boy in a light-hearted adventure engaging a world that seems oblivious to all of the above.” — THE LOTTERY PARTY


“Over the past few years we have seen some great titles finally come our way from the FrancoBelgian scene, like THE SMURFS and Gil Jordan. BENNY BREAKIRON happily joins those  ranks, presented in an affordable yet stellar looking edition from Papercutz for all to enjoy. There  is nothing not to love about the details Peyo has packed in here, between his perfectly executed comic timing and bright colors that pop off the page.” — COMIC ATTACK


INTERVIEW: Papercutz Editor-In-Chief Jim Salicrup at The Beat: “Papercutz has presented a challenge to comics tradition by successfully rendering Benny as a new comic with its own vitality rather than simply a period piece to collect.”


Benny Breakiron is the story of a nice little boy who has Superman-like powers whose weakness is the common cold. It’s beautiful and utterly charming.” — ICV2


INTERVIEW: Papercutz Marketing Director Jesse Post at Comic Attack!


“It’s an exciting moment in American comics when a European creator of such stature is given an entrée to new readership with such careful attention to original artwork and sensitive translation methods.” — COMICS BEAT