Ariol: Buzz

“The kid characters have fully-realized psychologies without become little adults: they take their lives and their concerns very seriously, and they are very present, but there is little of nuance to their strategies for getting from A to B. There is something deeply hilarious about how the kids encounter subtle realities of life for the first time but seem resigned to them.” — COMICS REPORTER


A comiXology Staff Pick. Thanks, Jeremy Nguyen!


“The books are hilarious and charming (adults will enjoy reading them almost as much as kids). Guibert’s work here is delightful.” — GRAPHIC NOVEL REPORTER


“Guibert tackles overarching themes such as self-esteem, first crushes, and the importance of friendship with subtlety and humor. Boutavant’s brightly colored illustrations portray the diverse cast of animal characters in delightful and accessible ways. Great for reluctant readers and graphic-novel fans in general, this title will be a popular addition.” — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL


“Guibert writes about childhood from a child’s view so convincingly, so compellingly, that reading these stories as an adult will likely not only remind you of kids you know, but of your own time spent as a kid.” — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL “Good Comics For Kids”


Featured in the Los Angeles Times “Summer Reading” supplement, both print and online.


“These are tales of kids ultimately just playing, from fearful doctor visits to dealing with substitute teachers to setting off on summer vacations, and Guibert does a truly credible job capturing so many personalities with a vivid air of lighthearted innocence.” — THE LOTTERY PARTY


“With charming artwork and plenty of humor, this is a series readers of any age will enjoy.” — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL “Good Comics For Kids” Pick of the Week


Previewed on School Library Journal’s “Good Comics For Kids” blog: “ARIOL may not be as well known as THE SMURFS, NINJAGO, or NANCY DREW, but when I was at the Papercutz booth at Book Expo America last week, people couldn’t leave this book alone.”


“Boutavant’s anthropomorphic animals resemble a cross between the work of Richard Scarry and Hergé, and both he and Guibert clearly convey the characters’ very human emotions, preoccupations, and eccentricities.” — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


“Varies from absurdly silly to touching and relevant.” — BAYVIEWS


“American kids will gobble it up right quick and then hunger for more.” — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL


“The tone’s light and the art’s outstanding, reminiscent of Richard Scarry, but with a rougher edge. If Ariol were a Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon series, it’d be one of the best on cable; as a book series, Ariol’s mix of silly and slice-of-life is more than good enough.” — THE ONION A.V. CLUB


“Packed with wit and never afraid to tug your heart-strings, and then follow up with a comment about boogers. The thing that really accelerates this title above others like it out there is Marc Boutavant’s art. You could just stare at his art and be happy.” — COMIC ATTACK


“Writer Emmanuel Guibert and artist Marc Boutavant launched their Ariol series as a children’s magazine feature in 2000; various books followed, and an animated television program debuted in 2009. It looks like a good-natured funny animal everyday-kinda series.”  — THE COMICS JOURNAL


“Guibert glorifies that time of fifth graders running about after school on par with the better memories one might possess, in a timeless manner that is legitimately fun to read.” — THE LOTTERY PARTY


“Whether Ariol is joining his father for a trip to the ATM, arguing with a friend about sneakers, accompanying his grandmother to the movies, pursuing his great crush, or emulating his favorite superhero, the author dares to depict the exclusionary, argumentative, self-centered ways children can sometimes behave, without giving up an iota of their charm.” — BOOKLIST


Ariol is going to be a hit, no doubt about it. The funny is in the true vignettes, humorous if you’ve lived through it. . . . I dare you to put it down once you start, and you’ll agree, Ariol is the new kid in town for reluctant readers.” — KID LIT REVIEWS


INTERVIEW: Emmanuel Guibert and Marc Boutavant over at Free Comic Book Day!


“Definitely on the Wimpy Kid bandwagon, but less vicious with the satire and therefore all the more welcome.” — KIRKUS


A Children’s Book Council “No Ordinary Book” Seasonal Showcase selection!


“… readers of all ages will not only fall in love with Ariol (even if his crush Petula might not), but also want to find out more about Ariol and his friends.” – DIAMOND BOOKSHELF


“Overall, a charming book with the just right mix of silliness and seriousness.” – I SNIFF BOOKS


‘A great choice … where kids crave more after finishing Jennifer Holm’s “Babymouse” or “Squish” ‘ –SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL


“Ariol’s delightfully skewed view of the world was charming and silly.”- UNSHELVED


“Guibert shows kids as they are – you know, if they were animals and not people.” -STACKED


“Kids of all ages will love Ariol.” – IT’S ALL COMIC TO ME

“I love Ariol more than vanilla milkshakes and playing kickball combined, so I’m always happy to see another book. There’s something about the measured tone and fealty to little-kid experience without stepping away from reality that gets me every time. I’m always delighted when there’s a new one.” – THE COMICS REPORTER