We’re kicking it into high gear for New York Comic Con, with exclusive copies of our new graphic novels for sale, convention exclusive mini-comics to give away, and a ton of free swag featuring Papercutz books. Plus: Say cheese!

In addition to a SANJAY AND CRAIG photo op, fans can stop by the booth to pick up a goodie bag of gummy Craigs, buy the new graphic novel SANJAY AND CRAIG #1: FIGHT THE FUTURE WITH FLAVOR, and take home some free NICKELODEON mini-comics, posters, and their choice of six pins featuring PIG GOAT BANANA CRICKET, HARVEY BEAKS, BREADWINNERS,  and SANJAY AND CRAIG.


Remember the joy of opening up the Sunday paper and finding the comics section? Papercutz is bringing back that feeling at NYCC. We have a special Sunday Funnies edition featuring comic star DENNIS THE MENACE. We have collected and restored his comicbook appearances from famed creative team Al Wiseman and Fred Toole, the result is DENNIS THE MENACE VOL. 1: THE CLASSIC COMICBOOKS. We will have special advance copies on sale at our booth.

To help readers keep their place in all of their new books, we’re giving away SCARLETT and THE RED SHOES bookmarks. We also have special advance copies of both books for sale at our booth.


Plus, grab a poster featuring THE ONLY LIVING BOY- our new series out this spring!

We did warn you to bring an extra bag!