SCARLETT TRAILER – How to Read a Kids’ Graphic Novel in 90 Seconds


So you know your kids loves graphic novels. And you want to get them something that’s fun but also suitable for their age and reading ability. But you’re pressed for time and you can’t necessarily get to a physical bookstore to get a staff recommendation or look through the books yourself. Sites like GoodReads can be really helpful but when it comes to graphic novels, seeing the visuals is super important. With publishers only offering up limited previews online, how do you choose from the thousands of graphic novels that are out there?

The best bet is to go where your kids go – YouTube. Numerous comics and graphic novel publishers offer up trailers for their titles on the popular video sharing site. Many of the more traditional superhero comics publishers use trailers as “teasers”, purposefully revealing little about their upcoming storylines. But modern graphic novel publishers treat trailers differently. They use video as a way to provide a real representative sample of the books they’re looking to promote. For parents, this is great news as it allows you to get a quick sense of the type of books your kids want to read, including artwork, text sophistication and story themes. While no video will ever replace the expert opinion of a teacher or librarian, these videos can provide a helpful check to┬ámake sure that your kids are consuming the type of content you want them to be exposed too. They can also be a lot of fun!

So if you’re pressed for time, looking for the next great read for your kids, or simply want to share a couple of fun minutes online with your son or daughter, why not type “kid’s graphic novels” in to the You Tube search box. You just might find your next favorite book!

Here are some of our favorites…

Kid’s Graphic Novel Trailers on You Tube:

Of course, here at Papercutz, we also get excited about making trailers for our own original kid’s graphic novels. Check out our trailer for:

The SCARLETT Trailer





THE RED SHOES Trailer Debuts

THE RED SHOES Trailer Debuts

While we’re all still excited by the debut of our first original graphic novel of the year, THE LUNCH WITCH, we’re also looking forward to our next OGN, THE RED SHOES. Metaphrog, the incredibly talented duo behind THE RED SHOES have put together a haunting trailer for this special volume (coming from Papercutz in October of this year). Once you’ve watched the video below, we’re sure you’ll be counting the days until October too!