ComicCon International 2016 Here We Come!

ComicCon International 2016 Here We Come!

San Diego Comic Con aka ComicCon International is now just three weeks away! If you’re one of the lucky few (thousand) who will be at San Diego this year, don’t pass up the chance to stop by our booth, #1720! Papercutz is taking advantage of the opportunities provided with SDCC to make a couple of exciting announcements about upcoming projects, and to do one of the things we do best: give you free stuff! The centerpiece of our promotional items will be SLICEZ, a free 96 page sampler featuring bite-size chunks of all your favorite Papercutz graphic novels. We’ll also be handing out other goodies like TROLLS movie posters, LUNCH WITCH lunch bags filled with all sorts of creepy concoctions and even some items related to our brand new imprint that launches in 2017 (details are hush hush until the show)!

While we love the freebies, we also want to make sure that fans have a chance to do something that’s become harder and harder at the show in recent years – read great comics! So we’ve set up a special “Reading Nook” in our booth featuring comfy chairs and bookshelves stacked with all your favorite Papercutz graphic novels. When the press of the convention floor becomes too much or you just want to lose yourself in a great graphic novel, come by booth #1720 and remind yourself what being a comics fan is all about!


You definitely won’t want to miss Sunday (which is Kids Day at SDCC) because we’ll have so many creators at our booth! Among the top tier talent we’ll have signing at our stand are Eric Esquivel of PIG GOAT BANANA CRICKET, Sam Spina of SANJAY AND CRAIG,Stuart Moore of THE ZODIAC LEGACY, and Chris Savino and Jordan Rosato of THE LOUD HOUSE.

Here’s a tentative booth schedule:

Sunday, 7/24 Papercutz Booth Signing Schedule

11:00 am – 12:00 pm – Eric Esquivel & Sam Spina

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm – Stuart Moore

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm – Chris Savino and Jordan Rosato (signing exclusive THE LOUD HOUSE mini-comics)

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm – Eric Esquivel & Sam Spina

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm – Stuart Moore

Want even more Nickelodeon goodness? A bunch of your favorite creators will also be signing at the Nickelodeon booth on Sunday. Here are the details:

Current Series Signing ft. Chris Savino (Loud House), C.H. Greenblatt (Harvey Beaks), Johnny Ryan, Dave  Cooper and David Sacks (Pig Goat Banana Cricket):Sunday, 7/24 from 10:30a-12:00p at the Nickelodeon Booth

Make sure you stay tuned to our Twitter feed and Facebook page for even more announcements and updates as we get closer to the show.

Acclaimed Punk Rock Artist John Holmstrom Provides Cover for Latest Issue of NICKELODEON MAGAZINE


Hey ho, let’s go! To an awesome metal concert. In the latest issue of NICKELODEON MAGAZINE (on sale December 28th), Nickelodeon cartoon stars head to a rockin’ music spectacular. The Tuff Skulls finally get their big break, opening for the world famous Mega Maidenz. But when S & C enter an air guitar contest at the show, they shred so hard they literally blow the roof off the joint! What happens next? You’ll have to pick up the issue to find out.

Of course, if you’re going to capture that true rock and roll spirit, it helps to work with artists who are as much a part of the scene as the music themselves. That’s why Papercutz reached out John Holmstrom, cover artist for the legendary Ramones’ albums “Rocket to Russia” and “Road to Ruin” and a co-founder of the groundbreaking PUNK Magazine.

“My old friend (Papercutz Editor-in-Chief) Jim Salicrup reached out to me because he thought I’d get a kick out of this story. When I read it, I was reminded me of my own early experiences with rock and roll,” noted Holmstrom, “So I was happy to contribute a piece that helped convey the fun and excitement of being in a band. And for the record, I think Sanjay and Craig are pretty punk! “

Holmstrom is no stranger to comics , having created Bosko “America’s least favorite cartoon character” and contributed comic stripo material to numerous publications including SPIN and HEAVY METAL.

“John is an art and music legend,” exclaimed Papercutz Editor-in-Chief Jim Salicrup, “and we’re proud to feature his first national magazine cover. There’s no doubt in my mind that when the Tuff Skulls finally get signed to major label, they’ll be tapping John for some album cover art. Or iTunes art. Or whatever way kids will be interacting with art and music in the near future. No matter what the medium, John’s talent will let them know, this stuff rocks!”

NICKELODEON MAGAZINE #7, featuring Holmstrom’s cover and the Sanjay and Craig story “Guitarmed and Dangerous” is on sale December 28th at newsstands and bookstores everywhere.

Free Comic Book Day 2016 – Papercutz Gives Away SANJAY AND CRAIG/HARVEY BEAKS sampler

Free Comic Book Day 2016 – Papercutz Gives Away SANJAY AND CRAIG/HARVEY BEAKS sampler

The most wonderful time of the year just got a little bit more wonderful, as Diamond Comics Distributors have announced all the titles that will be a part of Free Comic Book Day 2016. And, of course, we’re delighted that one of those books will be a special SANJAY AND CRAIG/HARVEY BEAKS comic from Papercutz! Here’s the full Diamond Solicitation:


Papercutz Free Comic Book Day 2016 graphic

Publisher: PAPERCUTZ

(W) Eric M Esquivel, Stefan Petrucha (A) Sam Spina, Andreas Schuster (CA) James Kaminski

The hottest new stars on Nickelodeon – Sanjay and Craig and Harvey Beaks – co-star in this comic collecting complete stories from Nickelodeon Magazine and from the Papercutz graphic novels. In “Lord of the Pipes”, everyone’s favorite talking snake, Craig, literally goes down the drain on an epic quest to fetch Sanjay’s father’s wedding ring… and has some close encounters with the strange beings he meets there. Then “Fight the Future with Flavor” dramatically depicts the shocking connection between Sanjay eating a seemingly harmless samosa and the total annihilation of the entire world by Martians! Also, Harvey Beaks proves he’s a “First Class Finder” when his mad Hide-and-Seek skills lead him to finding a big scary monster!

Item Code: JAN160041

In Shops: 4/13/2016


If you’re a retailer, make sure to order plenty of copies so you can take full advantage of the growing interest in Nickelodeon’s original animated properties. And if you’re a reader, make sure and let your retailer know that this one of the books you’re looking forward to picking up on Free Comic Book Day!

Check Out our Freebies for New York Comic Con!

Check Out our Freebies for New York Comic Con!

We’re kicking it into high gear for New York Comic Con, with exclusive copies of our new graphic novels for sale, convention exclusive mini-comics to give away, and a ton of free swag featuring Papercutz books. Plus: Say cheese!

In addition to a SANJAY AND CRAIG photo op, fans can stop by the booth to pick up a goodie bag of gummy Craigs, buy the new graphic novel SANJAY AND CRAIG #1: FIGHT THE FUTURE WITH FLAVOR, and take home some free NICKELODEON mini-comics, posters, and their choice of six pins featuring PIG GOAT BANANA CRICKET, HARVEY BEAKS, BREADWINNERS,  and SANJAY AND CRAIG.


Remember the joy of opening up the Sunday paper and finding the comics section? Papercutz is bringing back that feeling at NYCC. We have a special Sunday Funnies edition featuring comic star DENNIS THE MENACE. We have collected and restored his comicbook appearances from famed creative team Al Wiseman and Fred Toole, the result is DENNIS THE MENACE VOL. 1: THE CLASSIC COMICBOOKS. We will have special advance copies on sale at our booth.

To help readers keep their place in all of their new books, we’re giving away SCARLETT and THE RED SHOES bookmarks. We also have special advance copies of both books for sale at our booth.


Plus, grab a poster featuring THE ONLY LIVING BOY- our new series out this spring!

We did warn you to bring an extra bag!



New Initiative Will Provide Free Magazines to Libraries That Support Graphic Novel Programming

Budget-crunched librarians will soon be receiving some respite thanks to a new program from Papercutz. The “#1 kids’ graphic novel publisher” announced today that they will be supplying 100 free copies of NICKELODEON MAGAZINE to libraries that support comics programming. It’s part of an effort by the publisher to fuel a growing trend in the school and public library space– “ComicCons” and other events focused on the fastest growing category in publishing – graphic novels.”

“Librarians have been on the forefront of the graphic novel explosion”, explained Papercutz’s President, Terry Nantier. “And forward thinking librarians have tapped in to the interest surrounding events like Free Comic Book day and ComicCon International to attract kids and parents to their facilities. We think it’s an incredibly positive thing for graphic novels in general and we wanted to find a way to ‘give back’ to the community. With the launch of NICKELODEON MAGAZINE this summer, we realized we had the perfect vehicle to promote comics readership and help librarians connect with kids who might be just beginning to become graphic novel readers.”

Comic book conventions are well known for a variety of attractions including creator appearances, costumes and, of course, exclusive promotional material from publishers. While many librarians have reached out to the comics creative community for appearances at events and patrons have picked up the costuming challenge, promotional items have been handled on an ad hoc basis, depending on the largesse of publishers or individual creators. This new program ensures that no comics-themed event will have to do without giveaways that incentivize reading.

“Nickelodeon has always been known for creating great comics material”, noted Papercutz Editor-in-Chief Jim Salicrup. “And we’re proud to continue that tradition with our new publication. I’m personally excited by the opportunity to get the great work of our writers and artists out in front of the biggest possible audience possible. The magazine is going to be a great way for kids to sample our graphic novels and be introduced to some of the fantastic Nickelodeon characters.”

Interested librarians simply need to contact Papercutz VP of Marketing, Sven Larsen six to eight weeks before their event. As soon as Papercutz receives a librarian’s request (including details of the planned event) they will dispatch 100 copies of the latest issue of NICKELODEON MAGAZINE absolutely free (the library just has to pay for shipping).

“Papercutz graphic novels are already some of the highest circulating titles in libraries ”, explained Larsen, VP of Marketing for Papercutz. “But we’re always looking to grow our audience and the readership for comics. It’s part of why we partnered with Nickelodeon in the first place. The new NICKELODEON MAGAZINE is another great way to get kids started on reading and the perfect introduction to the world of graphic novels. We’re excited that it will be a cornerstone of our efforts to help libraries expand their graphic novel programming and we want this program to be a giant ‘thank you’ to all the librarians who are helping to create the next generation of comics fans!”





New Monthly Magazine is “First Fruit” of new Papercutz-Nickelodeon Deal

Papercutz, the industry leader in children’s graphic novel publishing is proud to announce the debut of the first publication to emerge from their “First Look” deal with kids’ media powerhouse Nickelodeon– the all-new monthly NICKELODEON MAGAZINE. The first issue of the new publication will be released today, June 23rd and the magazine features a mix of comics, games, puzzles and “behind the scenes features” starring Nickelodeon’s animated characters. The launch issue features hit properties SANJAY AND CRAIG and BREADWINNERS in all-new comic stories.

The new magazine will provide a mix of content but the focus is definitely on comics, with over two-thirds of each issue devoted to comic book material. The new version of the magazine will preview the comics content that will be featured in upcoming Papercutz graphic novels, debut new properties in comics form and also feature a variety of games, puzzles and other activities for kids.

“Nickelodeon has always been known for creating great comics material”, noted Papercutz Editor-in-Chief Jim Salicrup. “And we’re proud to continue that tradition with our new publication. I’m personally excited by the opportunity to get the great work of our writers and artists out in front of the biggest possible audience possible. The magazine is going to be a great way for kids to sample our graphic novels and be introduced to some of the fantastic Nickelodeon characters. It’s also a great way for us to put comics in places that haven’t seen this type of material in quite a while.”

“Nickelodeon characters already reach millions of kids worldwide”, explained Sven Larsen, VP of Marketing for Papercutz. “But we wanted to help them grow their audience and give existing viewers new opportunities to enjoy their favorite shows. The new NICKELODEON MAGAZINE is another great way for fans to experience the brand and spend more time with characters they love!”