Mett Danica Davidson and Her Dog Porthos!

Mett Danica Davidson and Her Dog Porthos!

BARBIE:”Puppy Party” writer Danica Davidson drew inspiration from her own life for her first Papercutz graphic novel. Are you ready to meet her dog, Porthos?

Puppies and comic books are two things I really love, so that made it a blast for me to write BARBIE:”Puppy Party”. When I was trying to come up with an idea that would involve Barbie, her sisters and their new puppies Honey, DJ, Taffy and Rookie, I got inspiration from my own dog and his story.


Meet my beagle Porthos. He’s named after the beagle on Star Trek: Enterprise, who’s named after the Musketeer Porthos in The Three Musketeers. (He is a very literary dog, though he doesn’t know it.) I adopted Porthos from my local shelter about three years ago, when he was one. Before that, he’d been a stray.

Now he’s a very happy dog who likes to sniff everything and he sleeps by my feet while I write. (He’s sleeping there right now as I type this. What do you think he’s dreaming?) I thought maybe Barbie and her sisters could help shelter dogs find forever homes. I like to help animals, so I thought Barbie and her sisters would enjoy it, too!


So in “Puppy Party”, Barbie finds a lost dog and then learns about the dogs and cats needing homes in the shelter. She puts together a big puppy party to find them all homes and to help the lost dog find his owner. Adopting a dog makes a big difference in their life. Not everyone is able to adopt a pet, but there are also other ways to help out, as Barbie and her sisters find out. You know what else I love besides puppies and comic books? Happy endings, especially for our furry friends.

Check Out our Freebies for New York Comic Con!

Check Out our Freebies for New York Comic Con!

We’re kicking it into high gear for New York Comic Con, with exclusive copies of our new graphic novels for sale, convention exclusive mini-comics to give away, and a ton of free swag featuring Papercutz books. Plus: Say cheese!

In addition to a SANJAY AND CRAIG photo op, fans can stop by the booth to pick up a goodie bag of gummy Craigs, buy the new graphic novel SANJAY AND CRAIG #1: FIGHT THE FUTURE WITH FLAVOR, and take home some free NICKELODEON mini-comics, posters, and their choice of six pins featuring PIG GOAT BANANA CRICKET, HARVEY BEAKS, BREADWINNERS,  and SANJAY AND CRAIG.


Remember the joy of opening up the Sunday paper and finding the comics section? Papercutz is bringing back that feeling at NYCC. We have a special Sunday Funnies edition featuring comic star DENNIS THE MENACE. We have collected and restored his comicbook appearances from famed creative team Al Wiseman and Fred Toole, the result is DENNIS THE MENACE VOL. 1: THE CLASSIC COMICBOOKS. We will have special advance copies on sale at our booth.

To help readers keep their place in all of their new books, we’re giving away SCARLETT and THE RED SHOES bookmarks. We also have special advance copies of both books for sale at our booth.


Plus, grab a poster featuring THE ONLY LIVING BOY- our new series out this spring!

We did warn you to bring an extra bag!

Comics From the Future – THE GARFIELD SHOW #4: “Little Trouble in Big China”

Comics From the Future – THE GARFIELD SHOW #4: “Little Trouble in Big China”

As we get closer and closer to the big holidays, it can be easy to fall out of our regular routines. Like checking the stores for the latest Papercutz releases!Of course, holiday times can also give us a chance to catch up on our reading too. Either way, we didn’t want you to forget that we’ve got one more book coming out in 2014:


THE GARFIELD SHOW #4: “Little Trouble in Big China” ships to comic book stores next Wednesday (aka Christmas Eve). As a special holiday treat (and a little extra motivation to visit your local store between Christmas Eve and New Year’s day), you can read the first 20 pages of Garfield’s latest adventure right here:

[gview file=””]

Want to see how the story ends?  You can hit up your local comic book shop or bookstore (you can find a comic book store by visiting the Comic Shop Locator) for your own copy of THE GARFIELD SHOW #4. Of course, you can also order a copy online from retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. And you can always order the garfield show (or any other Papercutz title) on our website as well.

However you obtain a copy, we hope you enjoy the latest adventures of everyone’s favorite feline and his pals!

ARIOL Karaoke – Is There a Better Way to Start Monday?

ARIOL Karaoke – Is There a Better Way to Start Monday?

Screenshot of French ARIOL website

One of the most fun parts of our jobs at Papercutz is working with our fellow publishers in Europe. For those of you who don’t know, Papercutz imports several series from European publishers including ARIOL, ERNEST & REBECCA and, of course, THE SMURFS. As a result, we not only get sneak peeks at new storylines and comics but we also see some of the tremendous marketing efforts our fellow publishers put behind their characters. Case in point – the French ARIOL website from Bayard features a ton of goodies for anyone who signs up for the site (just hit Google Translate if you don’t read French). Members gain access to games, wallpapers, paper toys (!) and best of all the karaoke section! Did you know there was a Thunderhorse theme song? neither did we. But that hasn’t stopped us from singing “Le Chevalier Cheval” all morning.

Is there any better way to start (or restart) a Monday? We don’t think so.

Seasonal Spotlight: DANCE CLASS #6 – “A Merry Olde Christmas”

Seasonal Spotlight: DANCE CLASS #6 – “A Merry Olde Christmas”

If you’re a parent, you may already have been dragged to your kids’ school Christmas pageant. If you know a budding Broadway performer, we’ve got the perfect series for them.  The girls in DANCE CLASS visit London, England in search of a happy Christmas. Julie, Lucie, and Alia are excited to get a letter from their friend Prune, inviting them to visit her in England. This is going to be the vacation of a lifetime! The girls will have to use all their dance skills to make this a yuletide memory for the ages!
DANCE CLASS #6 “A Merry Olde Chistmas” is a good read year-round, but all the better for young readers during this magical month. No need to play Secret Santa to receive our gift!   Why not give a copy to someone in your family this holiday (and while you’re at it, pick up a copy for yourself)! It will make your tiny dancer (and reader) dance with delight!


It seems preparing for the holidays happens earlier and earlier each year. After Halloween, the stores transform and deck  the halls in green and red.We published “Going Green”,  MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS Vol. 2  last month and the reception has been RED hot (see how we worked in a  Christmas theme?).

POWER RANGERS colorist Mindy Indy posted a behind the scenes look at MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS Vol 2. She explains her favorite scenes, color choices she had to decide and more detail at her coloring process!


Our MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS series caters to fans young and old.  MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #2: Going Green makes an excellent gift for anyone who grew up in the 90s or enjoyed the reruns.  Our POWER RANGERS MEGAFORCE and POWER RANGERS SUPER SAMURAI series are  also perfect gifts for fans of the franchise.