Patricia Lyfoung to Launch THE SCARLET ROSE at NYCC

Papercutz is pleased to announce that French writer/artist Patricia Lyfoung will be launching the English version of THE SCARLET ROSE next weekend at New York Comic Con!

In volume 1 of THE SCARLET ROSE, “I Knew I’d Meet You,” readers meet Maud, a brave and headstrong girl who relies on her wits and fighting ability in equal measure. When the series begins, Maud is quite happy living her simple life with her father and learning the exciting art of sword fighting. But when her father is murdered, Maud is whisked away from the life she knows by her rich and lordly grandfather. He wants to give her a home – on his terms – and help Maud become a real lady. Yet all Maud wants to do is keep on fighting, so that she can have her revenge on her father’s killer.

THE SCARLET ROSE Vol. 1: “I Knew I’d Meet You” debuted on September 5th to much acclaim, with Publisher’s Weekly saying, “[The] manga-inflected artwork amplifies the romance, drama, and danger while devoting attention to historical detail […] and the heroine’s independence and daring.”

Lyfoung’s appearances at NYCC are as follows:

Thursday / October 5th
1 – 2 pm at FCA booth #1669
2-3 at Papercutz table — R7 in artist alley.

Title: Educator Meetup: A Gathering of Educators and Comics Industry Professionals
Speakers: All FCA creators plus cartoonists from First Second and Teachers
Small group meet-up format with educators
Time: 3:45 – 4:45
Location: Javits room 1C01

Saturday / October 7th
1 – 2 pm at Papercutz table – R7 in artist alley.
2:30 – 3:30pm at FCA booth #1669

Title: ComicsBeat Presents: The European Invasion: It’s our annual look at the European cartoonists scene – and with more and more European comics finding a US audience, the time has never been better. This year we talk to creators from around the world including Fabrice Nury and Patricia Lyfoung (France), Zep (Switzerland) Mahmud Asrar (Turkey) and more! These creators talk about their work and influences, and give us an insight into the new world comics culture.
Speakers: Heidi MacDonald (moderator), Nury, Zep, Lyfoung and others
Time: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Location: Javits Room 1B03

ComicCon International 2016 Here We Come!

ComicCon International 2016 Here We Come!

San Diego Comic Con aka ComicCon International is now just three weeks away! If you’re one of the lucky few (thousand) who will be at San Diego this year, don’t pass up the chance to stop by our booth, #1720! Papercutz is taking advantage of the opportunities provided with SDCC to make a couple of exciting announcements about upcoming projects, and to do one of the things we do best: give you free stuff! The centerpiece of our promotional items will be SLICEZ, a free 96 page sampler featuring bite-size chunks of all your favorite Papercutz graphic novels. We’ll also be handing out other goodies like TROLLS movie posters, LUNCH WITCH lunch bags filled with all sorts of creepy concoctions and even some items related to our brand new imprint that launches in 2017 (details are hush hush until the show)!

While we love the freebies, we also want to make sure that fans have a chance to do something that’s become harder and harder at the show in recent years – read great comics! So we’ve set up a special “Reading Nook” in our booth featuring comfy chairs and bookshelves stacked with all your favorite Papercutz graphic novels. When the press of the convention floor becomes too much or you just want to lose yourself in a great graphic novel, come by booth #1720 and remind yourself what being a comics fan is all about!


You definitely won’t want to miss Sunday (which is Kids Day at SDCC) because we’ll have so many creators at our booth! Among the top tier talent we’ll have signing at our stand are Eric Esquivel of PIG GOAT BANANA CRICKET, Sam Spina of SANJAY AND CRAIG,Stuart Moore of THE ZODIAC LEGACY, and Chris Savino and Jordan Rosato of THE LOUD HOUSE.

Here’s a tentative booth schedule:

Sunday, 7/24 Papercutz Booth Signing Schedule

11:00 am – 12:00 pm – Eric Esquivel & Sam Spina

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm – Stuart Moore

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm – Chris Savino and Jordan Rosato (signing exclusive THE LOUD HOUSE mini-comics)

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm – Eric Esquivel & Sam Spina

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm – Stuart Moore

Want even more Nickelodeon goodness? A bunch of your favorite creators will also be signing at the Nickelodeon booth on Sunday. Here are the details:

Current Series Signing ft. Chris Savino (Loud House), C.H. Greenblatt (Harvey Beaks), Johnny Ryan, Dave  Cooper and David Sacks (Pig Goat Banana Cricket):Sunday, 7/24 from 10:30a-12:00p at the Nickelodeon Booth

Make sure you stay tuned to our Twitter feed and Facebook page for even more announcements and updates as we get closer to the show.

AASL Here We Come!

AASL Here We Come!

Starting this afternoon, we’ll be in Columbus, OH attending AASL- The American Association of School Librarians National Conference and Exhibition! We can’t wait to interact with all the librarians! We will have some of our newest books for sale including SCARLETT, THE RED SHOES AND OTHER TALES, BREADWINNERS and SANJAY AND CRAIG.

We will also have plenty of freebies too! We imagine you might need a bookmark or two for all the reading you will be doing following the conference, we have your free SCARLETT and RED SHOES bookmarks! Or, relive the days of Sunday Funnies with our DENNIS THE MENACE newsprint!

We will be giving away 100 copies of our new Advance Review Copies of THE ONLY LIVING BOY! First come, first serve. THE ONLY LIVING BOY will be available everywhere in March.  We will also have copies of our Super Genius New York Comic-Con exclusive MR. HERO comicbook! Pick up your copy at our booth: #110!


Also, if you have an official AASL coupon book- take a look for our Papercutz coupon! Be one of the first 25 to visit our booth and present the coupon, and you will win a set of all three of our 10th anniversary prints! Again, first come, first serve! So, take a look at your map and make a beeline to our booth!

For more information about the conference, visit the official website.

Papercutz Advance Copies and Exclusives at New York Comic Con!

Papercutz Advance Copies and Exclusives at New York Comic Con!


We’ll have a ton of advance editions and show exclusives at this week’s Comic Con! We will feature a hand-picked assortment of the newest Papercutz titles.

Many books will be show premieres including :



Scarlett Vol 1 Cover


Red Shoes and Other Tales Cover

THE RED SHOES AND OTHER TALES– with exclusive “Advance Festival Edition” stamp (limited run for the Edinburgh Internation Festival. Only 250 copies made!)

Smurfs & Friends Vol 1 cover

Smurfs & Friends Vol 1 cover



We will also have recent hits:

sanjay_and_craig_01SANJAY AND CRAIG #1: “Fight the Future with Flavor”




Geronimo Stilton 16

EuroBooks, a new initiative promoting translated books, will have a special stand at Comic-Con,  letting everyone know where they can find  as some old favorites like DANCE CLASS, ARIOL, and DINOSAURS! These series will be available at our booth as well!
Bring a book bag!

The Complete Papercutz Signing Schedule for New York Comic Con!

The Complete Papercutz Signing Schedule for New York Comic Con!


Want to get your new books signed? You’ve come to the right place!

Our schedule is overflowing with amazing artists who will be signing and sketching at the Papercutz booth at varying times all weekend! Clear your schedules!

Geronimo Stilton 16

Geronimo Stilton 16

Francesco Savino of GERONIMO STILTON

Signing session Friday 4:00 -5:00 


David Gallaher and Steve Ellis of THE ONLY LIVING BOY

ONLY LIVING BOY signing Saturday 11:00-12:00

ONLY LIVING BOY signing Sunday 2:00-3:00


LUNCH WITCH signing Saturday 12:00-1:00

Sketching session Saturday 2:00-3:00

Sketching session Sunday 10:00-11:00

Signing Sunday 11:00-12:00

Alison Strejlau of BREADWINNERS

Sketching session Saturday 12:00-1:00

BREADWINNERS signing Saturday 1:00-2:00

Sketching session Sunday 12:00-1:00


James Kaminski of SANJAY AND CRAIG

Sketching session Saturday 1:00-2:00

Sketching session Sunday 11:00-12:00


Signing Saturday 2:00-3:00

SCARLETT signing Sunday 12:00-1:00

Ryan Jampole and James Kaminski of SANJAY AND CRAIG

Signing Saturday 3:00-4:00

WWE Superstars GN 03 Cover


Sketching session Saturday 4:00-5:00

Sketching session Sunday 2:00-3:00

Nickelodeon Magazine 4 cover

Ryan Jampole, James Kaminski and Alison Strejlau of NICKELODEON MAGAZINE

NICKELODEON MAGAZINE signing Sunday 1:00-2:00
Zodiac Legacy cover


Stuart Moore and Paris Cullins of ZODIAC LEGACY

ZODIAC LEGACY signing Sunday 3:00-4:00

Geronimo Stilton 16

Geronimo Stilton 16


Sketching session Saturday 11:00 am -12:00 pm

Sketching session Sunday 3:00-400