Seasonal Spotlight: DANCE CLASS #6 – “A Merry Olde Christmas”

Seasonal Spotlight: DANCE CLASS #6 – “A Merry Olde Christmas”

If you’re a parent, you may already have been dragged to your kids’ school Christmas pageant. If you know a budding Broadway performer, we’ve got the perfect series for them.  The girls in DANCE CLASS visit London, England in search of a happy Christmas. Julie, Lucie, and Alia are excited to get a letter from their friend Prune, inviting them to visit her in England. This is going to be the vacation of a lifetime! The girls will have to use all their dance skills to make this a yuletide memory for the ages!
DANCE CLASS #6 “A Merry Olde Chistmas” is a good read year-round, but all the better for young readers during this magical month. No need to play Secret Santa to receive our gift!   Why not give a copy to someone in your family this holiday (and while you’re at it, pick up a copy for yourself)! It will make your tiny dancer (and reader) dance with delight!

Comics From the Future: Special Springtime in Winter Edition!

Do you know what today is? Friday? Well, sure, but what ELSE is it? No, it’s not Arbor Day. Nope, not National Chocolate Pudding Pie Day. OK, I’ll just tell you — it’s Free Comics From Papercutz Day!

Every month, we send Associate Editor and Chief Flux Capacitator Mike Petranek off to the future on a most important mission: bring back all the comics you can find on your future self’s desk! Mike just got back from March 2013 and he got some great stuff for us to chew on. Away we go:


Dance Class #4: A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To Paris . . .

Who knew dancing was so funny? Julie, Lucie, and Alia are still working on their new African Folk moves they learned in the last volume, but now they’re close to going all the way in the national competition! Plus, Capucine can’t untie ribbons, as we learn from the sneak peek below!



Nancy Drew and The Clue Crew #2: Secret Sand Sleuths

It’s the second comics adventure for 8-year-old Nancy and her best friends George and Bess, otherwise known as The Clue Crew! Judging by Mike’s sneak peeks below, the girls will be solving a mystery Night At the Museum style!


Geronimo Stilton #12: The First Samurai

Apparently, March 2013 reading plans include watching Geronimo Stilton run around feudal Japan with a sword. Sign me up!


Ernest & Rebecca #4: The Land of Walking Stones

Wow, a crossover with LEGO Ninjago where Ernest helps Sensei Wu fight off the Stone Warriors! Uh . . . oh, I’m being told that I’m completely wrong. Well, this is still a cool comic! Rebecca is visiting her dad and she needs her good buddy, the microbiological Ernest, more than ever . . .


And that looks like about it for Mike’s adventure in time. March is shaping up to be a pretty awesome month, if you ask me!