Cat & Cat Buzz

” Move over Garfield, there is a sassy new orange kitty in town. Each graphic-format page is styled with small, mostly borderless bubblelike panels and relies on a barrage of episodic sight gags with a high-energy palette of sugary pinks, cheerful blues, and citrusy greens. Imagination runs unfettered, from both Cat’s and Sushi’s perspectives. Cat fans should find plenty to purr about.”


“In this delightful book of comic vignettes, readers get to know Cath and her dad as they navigate being the caretakers of their fluffy, exuberant kitty, Sushi. From outdoor adventures to cat-food dilemmas, as well as the dreaded trip to the veterinarian, Sushi experiences it all, along with a lot of love and snuggles from his humans. This cute and easy-to-pick-up story will delight anyone who gets a kick out of cats and their hilarious antics. A fun romp through the daily life of Sushi the cat and the humans who love him.”

– Booklist