Asterix Level Guide

Category: Fiction
Guided Reading Level: X
Grade Level Equivalent: Grade 6
Interest Level: Grades 4 and Up
Educational Description: Asterix series volume 1 trilogy: books #1-#3-The Gaul, Golden Sickle and The Goth, graphic novel format, fiction, political adventure, historical context; Gauls vs the Romans, Literary elements: setting: Asterix’s Village, Roman camp, France, Germany, Plot and character development; Asterix, Druid Getafix, Obelix, Humorous tone, satire, figurative language: puns, play on words, sarcasm, Comprehension Strategies: identify author’s purpose, cause and effect relationships, changes from beginning to end of the story, compare and contrast books in a series, make historical connections to fiction. Themes: war, power, magic, survival, good vs evil