Praise for Asterix

When I was 6 or 7, around 1972, my father used to fill up in his car at a nearby petrol station. If you had enough fuel many times you got points to redeem for a special Asterix album. After reading the first book we got, I pestered my father for him to go and refuel ONLY at this location. There were four to collect: Astérix The Gaul, Asterix and the Big Fight, Asterix the Gladiator and Asterix the Legionary. It was my introduction to the world of Asterix and I never stopped to buy the albums from then on … It was also the beginning of my addiction to the incredible world of comics.
– Charles Adlard (Artist of The Walking Dead)
I was ten years old on my first trip to Europe, where I discovered Asterix. The comics, with their incredible and vivid colors, stood out on the display. I loved the clever little warrior and his faithful companions, Obelix and Dogmatix. There were so many adventures, and I loved it!
– Terry Moore (Creator of Rachel Rising, Strangers In Paradies, and Motor Girl)
“That’s the real reason for its continuing appeal across decades and national boundaries: It’s a masterpiece of cross-cultural borrowing and reinvention”
“Totally silly and weird…really great for kids… if you read them as a kid, I think you will really enjoy revisiting them”    
-Slate “Mom and Dad Are Fighting” Podcast