Asterix Buzz

Praise for Asterix

When I was 6 or 7, around 1972, my father used to fill up in his car at a nearby petrol station. If you had enough fuel many times you got points to redeem for a special Asterix album. After reading the first book we got, I pestered my father for him to go and refuel ONLY at this location. There were four to collect: Astérix The Gaul, Asterix and the Big Fight, Asterix the Gladiator and Asterix the Legionary. It was my introduction to the world of Asterix and I never stopped to buy the albums from then on … It was also the beginning of my addiction to the incredible world of comics.
– Charles Adlard (Artist of The Walking Dead)
I was ten years old on my first trip to Europe, where I discovered Asterix. The comics, with their incredible and vivid colors, stood out on the display. I loved the clever little warrior and his faithful companions, Obelix and Dogmatix. There were so many adventures, and I loved it!
– Terry Moore (Creator of Rachel Rising, Strangers In Paradies, and Motor Girl)
“That’s the real reason for its continuing appeal across decades and national boundaries: It’s a masterpiece of cross-cultural borrowing and reinvention”
“This is dead solid, old-school comics-making used to its best effect. Resolutely fixed panel borders and battle sequences punctuated by occasional close-ups draw eyes relentlessly along the page. The
exaggerated cartooning is all big emotions and outsize action, accentuated by bright, popping
colors. The steadfast characters have recognizable personalities delivered in quick, broad
strokes ….Young readers who haven’t met Asterix will find him both entertainingly new and
welcomingly familiar.”