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Gumby Buzz

“Why do I have a feeling Gumby will be a dark-horse contender for an Eisner next year? Because weirder things have happened. The premiere issue has a Kyle Baker story and that’s an incredible start.” – 13TH DIMENSION Hot Picks for the Week

“The comic consists of three different stories, all of which capture the feeling of old cartoons. There is a strong emphasis on friendship, energy, and a touch (or several) of the charmingly weird. – Adventures in Poor Taste!

“Gumby #1 is funny, well-rendered, and the right kind of weird and sure to call back memories of a simpler Saturday morning kind of fun.” – Newsarama

“Gumby is such a singular entity in the pop culture landscape that his re-introduction back into the popular consciousness here packs a strong, nostalgic punch while retaining the vintage, innocent sheen of the early morning cartoons.” – Comics Beat

“The art is fantastic and illustrates Gumby and Pokey beautifully. They are just how you originally remember them.” – First Comics News

Gumby Greets His Fans at SDCC!

This year at San Diego Comic Con, we’re all about the Great Gumbino! Check out these photos from the convention floor!


Gumby: Creators

Meet the Gumby Creative Team Meet the talented artists and writers behind GUMBY! Jeff Whitman Writer Writer Jeff Whitman is a big kid at heart.  Jeff speaks Portuguese and Spanish fluently and is working on French and German next. He loves reading comics from all over...