Bluebeard Level Guide

Category: Fiction
Guided Reading Level: Z
Grade Level Equivalent: 7-8+
Interest Level by Grade: 6 and up
Educational Description: Bluebeard series, a feminists fairytale, folklore re-told, graphic novel format, point of view, main character, Literary elements: setting, plot and character development; Bluebeard, Figurative language: Simile, metaphor, illustrations enhance meaning and tone, dark, mysterious, Comprehension strategies: predicting outcomes, compare and contrast different versions of Bluebeard, identify changes from beginning to end of the story. Themes: mature themes: violence, murder, good vs evil, family, love, friendship, fear

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Praise for Bluebeard

“This is perfect in every way. A beautifully told tale.”
CHARLIE ADLARD, The Walking Dead
 “BLUEBEARD’s beating heart lay in its unsettling glow, guiding in silhouette, patiently leading to mystery’s core. Haunting for young and old alike.”
NATE POWELL, National Book Award Winner of March
“Metaphrog’s books have always been charming but this one explores new territory of warmth and mystery.”
MICHEL FABER, The Crimson Petal and the White
“Set in a dreamlike world, expertly painted with colour, texture, menace and beauty, this retelling of Bluebeard is a page-turner from the start and delivers on all fronts in the very best traditions of fairytale storytelling.”
FRANK QUITELY, All-Star Superman
A feast for the eyes and fuel for the imagination, I devoured Metaphrog’s feminist fairytale take on BLUEBEARD in one sitting. It has all the ingredients of a tale well-told.” 
PHILIP ARDAGH, children’s author
“This is wonderful.”
DENIS MINA, crime writer, Conviction
“Metaphrog’s illustrations glow with fluorescent intensity, and the saturated imagery conveys murderous suspense. “
-Publishers Weekly
“The stylized illustrations have a soft quality that contrasts with the characters’ exaggerated expressions. Spreads and panels that predominantly feature blues and pinks seem to correspond with Bluebeard and pink-haired Eve, respectively. “
“Every page of the work is beautiful and dreamlike, rich in atmosphere for what is tantamount to a horror story. The artists make expert use of color: red and orange hues indicate happiness and good times, while blue is used to illustrate frightened animals and the ominous corners of Bluebeard’s mansion. Shifts from red to purple foreshadow events to come, as does Eve’s narration: “some insects spend their whole lives not realizing they have wings. Not realizing they can fly.” Eve learns to take hold of her fate and soar in this gorgeous adaptation.”
In a book of berry-bright colours, predominantly luminous deep pink and blue, the images of heroic Eve and Tom the goat boy stand out, weighty and rich, as though they might feel braided to the touch.
Glasgow-based creators John Chalmers and Sandra Marrs continue their all-ages reinvention of fairy tales with this smart, beautifully rendered feminist take on one of the darkest of them all
– The Herald Scotland Best Graphic Novels of 2020


Bluebeard Award-winning duo Metaphrog transform the classic folktale into a feminist fairy tale, about the blossoming of a young child to womanhood striving for independence. Eve spends an idyllic childhood of long summer days with her sweetheart Tom, and together...

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Bluebeard Creative Team Metaphrog Writer/Artists Metaphrog are John Chalmers and Sandra Marrs, award-winning graphic novelists.They have received multiple Eisner Award nominations and critical acclaim for their Louis series, and Louis – Night Salad was Highly...