Word on the street is that this rollicking round-house kick of a series is perfect for anyone who ever fought off pirates for buried treasure, traveled around the world, solved an impossible mystery, or thinks they may do all of the above one day! Read on for what the experts have to say about Classics Illustrated:


“Each illustration contains that Wilson style we have come to love: humorous, macabre, quirky, detailed and a truly unique style that more than appropriately shares space with Poe’s work.” — HORROR NEWS


“Children are more ruthless about what they consider entertaining. They don’t love books because they think they should. They love stories that deliver, and Classics Illustrated always had the goods. Looks like it still does.” — NEWSWEEK


“Congress should create an amendment that demands every single school in America place Classics Illustrated in their curriculum.” — DIAMOND GALLERIES SCOOP


“For those who may have grown up with the original Classics Illustrated, Papercutz’s decision to resurrect the series, starting with a wonderful version of The Wind in the Willows, will be welcome news.” — OMNIVORACIOUS


“If Great Expectations gives any indication, Classics Illustrated could be enthusiastically received by librarians and teachers alike.  And I am wowed by the potential!” — COMIC BOOK BIN


“A massive triumph. If the series goes on to be half this good consistently, it will be absolutely wonderful.” — COMIC MIX


“Dense but not crowded . . . this is a substantial adaptation.” — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


“This pleasant graphic interpretation can serve as an introduction to Dickens for younger readers and perhaps eventually steer them to the wider world of the source material and beyond.” — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


“Readers unfamiliar with the tale will be treated to energetic, colorful depictions of friendly Ratty, kind-hearted Mole, wild Mr. Toad, and others as they learn the importance of friendship in an ever-changing world.” — BOOKLIST


“The remarkably detailed color illustrations open passages that words alone cannot convey. Recommended.” — LIBRARY MEDIA CONNECTION


“Capture[s] the details and nuances of these stories in a colorful, clever fashion. Young people who reviewed the book were delighted by the format and all expressed an eagerness to read [it].” — LIBRARY MEDIA CONNECTION


“The treatment these tales get in this Classics Illustrated edition will draw young readers into their bewitching exploits.” — WONDERTIME