Welcome, one and all, to the all-new, all-different, yet still world-famous Papercutz.com!

Although we’ve been cranking out the coolest comics known to mankind since 2005, it has been a while since our online home here had a fresh coat of paint, some vigorous weed-whacking, or a clearing out of the old attic. And wow, who knew all the things that could happen to the internet in seven years?

Did You Know . . .

• they have these things called Facebook and Twitter that let you talk to your friends instantly, all the time?

• that the internet can be a place to read free comics whenever you want?

• that people use this internet thing to talk about their favorite books, meet their favorite cartoonists, and sometimes watch videos and play video games?

Oh, what’s that? You knew all of that already? Well that’s why we love our Papercutz fans — they’re the smartest in the business!

We hope you take some time to poke around our new digs and see what’s what. You’ll find that the new Papercutz.com is the place to be for all of the above and more. Kick up your feet and stay for a while, and let’s talk comics!