Are you a teacher or librarian looking for resources to help you use graphic novels in your school? Are you a parent who’s looking to find new and exciting ways to get your kids to learn? Are you a kid who wishes he could read comics in the classroom? Are you a fan of seeing terrible things happen to School Principals?

If you answered yes to any of the above then our latest educator’s guide is for you! THE LUNCH WITCH TEACHER’S GUIDE is chock full of helpful information and suggestions for anyone looking to use the book in an educational environment. This handy booklet contains suggestions for reading activities, after-reading discussion, Common Core tie-ins and more. In short, everything you need to create a fun and engaging reading experience for your students.

The_Lunch Witch_Teachers_Guide_Graphic

You can download THE LUNCH WITH TEACHERS GUIDE right now. Or simply visit the RESOURCES FOR EDUCATORS section of our site to download this and many other helpful tools for educators.

Just don’t tell the ancestors that Grunhilda is making a positive difference in kids’ lives ok?┬áIf you’ve read the book, you know they never take that news well!

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