Here at Papercutz, we’ve been hard at work getting our Global Headquarters of Comics and Fun ready for the best time of the year: the chestnuts are roasted, the cookies are baked, the fake snow machine is plugged in, and Mike Petranek’s world-famous egg nog is . . . uh . . . doing whatever it does. The only thing left to do is wrap all these presents! And whoa, we’ve got a ton of cool stuff, so much that we thought you could use some help sifting through all the options.

What’s that you say? You hadn’t thought of giving comics for presents this year? Well, good thing you found this blog post in time! I’m here to report that nothing makes a better gift than a comic. After all the wrapping paper and tape and bits of string have been swept up, the stockings emptied out and put away, the toys assembled, the batteries inserted, and the mistletoe mistled, the one thing that keeps on giving is a great comic. During these cold, wet, and very short days when you can’t always play outside, everyone is glad to have a comic with them by the fireplace! Here’s a list of the ones we think you’ll like best this year:


Annoying Orange #1: Secret Agent Orange

This one isn’t for everyone; it’s only for people who like laughing their butts off! In this brand new nutty book, Orange takes his signature mayhem and awful puns from his YouTube series and TV show into comics for the first time. There are short gags, huge adventures, and tons of groaners for the wisecracker on your gift list!







Classics Illustrated Deluxe #9: A Christmas Carol and A Remembrance of Mugby

Two timeless Christmas stories in one, including the rarely seen A Remembrance of Mugby; both have ghosts, gifts, holiday cheer, and a warmth that only Charles Dickens tales can provide. And the artwork by Estelle Meyrand looks like it jumped out of a snow globe! We’ve been thrilled to find this one showing up on year-end gift lists; it’s a brand new way to enjoy one of your favorite holiday traditions while introducing you to a whole new one.




Garfield & Co. #4: Caroling Capers and Garfield & Co. #7: Home For the Holidays

Because just one Garfield is never enough, we have two great holiday tales that go great together! In the first, Garfield concocts a caroling scheme to get some tasty culinary rewards, and in the second, Garfield learns the true meaning of Christmas. These two, tied up together with some catnip, make a purr-fect present for your finicky feline friends.


Monster Christmas

When their monster drawing comes to life, Petey and Jean think they have the best pet ever. That is, of course, until Kriss decides to go after Santa Claus! The kids may be on Christmas break but they’ll have to work hard to save the holiday for everybody. Monster Christmas is the first book in master cartoonist Lewis Trondheim’s Monster series and it’s a perennial holiday treat! Just the right thing for the little monsters on your list.




Power Rangers #2: Terrible Toys

Remember what we said about comics making the perfect gift? Well, this story is proof of that! When Master Xandred unleashes an army of monstrous action figures on unsuspecting kids, it looks like opening presents will never be safe again. That is, until the Samurai Rangers respond! Swinging into action in an all-out, white-knuckle adventure, the Power Rangers have their work cut out for them against all these horrible toys!





The Best of The Three Stooges

If you have a sophisticate on your list, they may look down at Annoying Orange but allow themselves a chuckle at the brilliant and complex satire of The Three Stooges. Oh, wait . . . The Three Stooges is actually about people falling down and getting poked in the eye. Sorry for the misunderstanding! Anyway, as silly as the antics may be, the comics storytelling here is pure gold, with gorgeous artwork from Golden Age great Norman Maurer. This is excellent cartooning craftsmanship in one of the most attractively designed packages we have to offer. A great gift for fans of The Three Stooges, folks who love pretty books, and just about anyone who likes to laugh!



Well, that’s about it for this year’s gift guide! All of these and more are available at your corner bookstore, your favorite online merchant, and, I think, at Santa’s workshop. (I hope it was Santa who just placed that huge order with overnight shipping to the North Pole!)

To all of you and yours, safe travels and smurfy holidays from your friends at Papercutz!