What a week! After blasting our way through B-E-Yay and bouldering up to Denver Comic-Con, the Papercutz Away Team is back at work, fully refreshed and ready for more. Here’s good old Associate Editor Mike Petranek planning our next tour stop as we speak:

And he’s ably assisted by Director of Advance Review Copies Beth Scorzato, pictured here bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as usual:

I don’t know about you, but I think these two are ready for one more — on to HeroesCon!

If you’re from the greater Charlotte, NC area, or are even remotely interested in comic books, then you’re most likely heading over to HeroesCon, as well. We’ve never been before but we’re really excited, as everyone tells us that it’s full of kids who love comics and, more importantly, that it’s full of comics, period. Back in the 20th century when I was a kid, comic book conventions had mainly comics out on display — comics to buy, sell, get autographed, talk about in panels, and spill food on during dinner. Nowadays, comics conventions have everything else, as well — movie stars, TV stars, Ultimate Frisbee stars, etc. This makes for a lot of fun but sometimes it’s hard to just find something you love to read, something you can roll up in your back pocket and lose yourself in during a summer’s day off from school. Although our sturdy sewn paperbacks are kind of tough to roll up in your back pocket, we’re still quite honored to represent comics at a show like HeroesCon that aims to celebrate them. Many thanks to Karla Marsh and the rest of the crew for inviting us!

But enough about Frisbee, let’s talk about the AMAZING loot to be found at Papercutz Booth #919!

We’ve got a comic book-ish ARIOL poster, suitable for taping to walls:


A gorgeous SYBIL THE BACKPACK FAIRY poster starring Nina as a mermaid, suitable for swimming:


We’ve got this sleuthy NANCY DREW AND THE CLUE CREW sticker, suitable for sticking on notebooks:


There’s this heroic BENNY BREAKIRON mini-print, suitable for leaping over French cafes:

Then this quite glossy THEA STILTON bookmark, suitable for forgetting to place inside a book because it’s so nice to look at:


A super-premium LEGO NINJAGO print, suitable for spinning attacks on snakes:


And lastly, this entirely free SMURFS comic book, suitable for smurfing!


But that’s not all — we’ve just heard from HeroesCon HQ that lucky kids in attendance this year will get a Passport to Fun! A Passport to Fun is exactly what it sounds like: a pass that gets you fun stuff all around the show, leading to your very own free book from the HeroesCon Kids Library. Passport completists will find a couple dozen Papercutz books in the library along with a a treasure trove of other cool stuff.

And when Sunday rolls around in Charlotte, don’t forget to swing back to Booth #919 for the epic Papercutz Kids’ Day Sale! All books are buy-one-get-one-half-off, so you won’t want to miss it.

See you in Charlotte, and have a great time!