Stan Goldberg sketching for fans at last year’s BEA. He’ll be back this year!

Geez, it feels like we haven’t finished resting up from last year’s Papercutz World Tour and we’re already mere days away from starting the next one! Our little spies keep telling me that the big daddy tour stop of them all, San Diego Comic-Con, is just weeks away, and I’m forcefully ignoring this with all my strength. One tour stop at a time, people!

I kid, though; we at the trans-dimensional comics factory known as Papercutz love it when the bosses let us out into the real world to meet our readers and fans. There’s honestly no better part of the job than watching young eyes light up when they pass our table full of colorful wonders and stop dead in their tracks. Comics, people — there’s no force in the world more powerful.

Of all the wonderful stops around the country, there’s definitely something special about Book Expo America, or B-E-Yay for short. Although it’s not as famous as the big comics conventions, it’s a haven for bibliophiles and a literal treasure trove of literary loot. Once a year, all the greatest writers, publishers, booksellers, book-lenders, and book lovers descend upon New York and celebrate all things book. Papercutz is right in the middle of this, at Booth #1562 to be exact!

We’ll be back with a play-by-play account of how it goes next week, but we just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know about the amazing stuff we have planned. Without further ado, a tremendous list:


Free Books!

Any bloggers, print journalists, or TV personalities who stop by to make our acquaintance at B-E-Yay will receive a prize pack of free books to kickstart our budding new relationship. These aren’t ARCs, mind you, but real-life books you can put on your shelves at home or give to a kid on your way to work. The prize pack includes BENNY BREAKIRON, NANCY DREW AND THE CLUE CREW, ARIOL, THE SMURFS, and THEA STILTON.


Free Other Stuff!

We’ve got posters:

And bookmarks:

And mini-prints:

And important maps:

And tote bags:

And buttons:

(I think I like the buttons best of all.)


Famous Cartoonists!

If “Stan the Man” wasn’t already taken, we’d call Stan Goldberg, “Stan the Man.”

We’re honored to have the illustrious comics legend Stan Goldberg grace our Book Expo booth once again this year. Stan will be signing, sketching, and telling jokes to his legions of fans on Thursday morning from 10 to 12, and he may make another surprise appearance later during the weekend if you miss him.

Stan will not just be signing books, but signing FREE books. And he won’t just be signing free books, he’ll also be giving away free sketches of your favorite characters! (But he’ll be giving extra special care to his sketches of NANCY DREW AND THE CLUE CREW, his latest and greatest series from us here at Papercutz.)

Fashion expert and supernatural cartoonist JayJay Jackson is an expert at signing posters — come see for yourself!

And second but not least is a fashionable visit from fabulous JayJay Jackson, writer and artist of our upcoming best-selling series, STARDOLL! Some comics fans of a certain age (namely my age) will remember JayJay as Janet Jackson, colorist and logo designer extraordinaire for Marvel back in the swinging 1980s, especially for Star Comics, their children’s imprint back then. We’re immensely proud to welcome JayJay back to the kids’ comics world with STARDOLL, a young adult trip through fashion school with a supernatural twist, all inspired by the megahit social gaming phenomenon over at

On Saturday morning from 10 to 12, JayJay will be signing THIS cool poster:

And hopefully sharing her fashion tips if you ask politely.

That it’s from us save for some last-minute surprises (hopefully including a late-night pizza delivery by some Papercutz helper gnomes). We’ll see you at the show!