Is it too early to be excited about Free Comic Book Day? Nope! Never.

And we are very excited to share our GOLD (oooo! ahhh!) offering with you for FCBD, coming May 3, 2014: MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS!

In their first new story since 1995, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers face off against Lord Zedd when he takes over one of their greatest assets, turning it against them in “By Bug Betrayed”!**


This all leads up to the release of MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS Vol. 1: “Rita Repulsa’s Revenge” on June 3, 2014!

Keep an eye out for our Free Comic Book Day silver offering this week!


**NOTE: This story begins near, but not quite at, the end of the season 2 episode 18, White Light Part 2.