The Little Mermaid: Buzz


Metaphrog’s The Little Mermaid WINS the Excelsior Award Junior 2018!

“Roaring Twenties styling, jewel-bright turquoise waters and a beguiling sense of wonder permeate this radiant little book.” – The Guardian

“Some stories will always need to be told and retold, they speak of something fundamentally human that we connect with, and each time, although we know the story, it is in the telling that we find the real pleasure, and in Metaphrog’s Little Mermaid we have a glorious, beautiful, touching, warm, sad and yet inspiring version. I envy the younger reader for whom this will be their first experience of this much-loved tale.” – Forbidden Planet

Sumptuous illustrations depict a radiant world under the water and the shimmering land that the mermaid longs for; intense close-ups of the expressive, doe-eyed mermaid infuse this lovely retelling with an exquisite melancholy. This is a lush, haunting work for those who prefer their fairy tales with dark undercurrents. – School Library Journal

“A beautifully illustrated book.” – Cozy Corner Reading Nook

“This graphic novel is not only beautifully illustrated, with each page full of unique, colorful and stunning art, it also stays true to Andersen’s original story.” – Goodreads

In their version of The Little Mermaid, [Metaphrog] create entire underwater kingdoms and earthly palaces of luminous beauty, dramatizing each beat of the mermaid’s tale […] it’s an experience that will profoundly affect young readers and stay with them, just as our illustrated experiences have stayed with us.” –

“Metaphrog’s retelling is not an idealized version in the style of the Disney film. Instead, it balances perfectly the beautiful and haunting qualities of the original tale to create a truly enchanting read.” – Scottish Book Trust, Teens’ Book of the Month

“[A] graceful, lyrical adaptation…an eye-catching addition to graphic novel and fairy tale collections.” – Booklist

“The Little Mermaid graphic novel is packed with beautiful illustrations and an enchanting and sometimes haunting story. We recommend it for anyone who loves mermaids or and anyone curious about where their favorite Disney Princess really came from.” – YAYOMG!

“Stunningly told and a visual spectacle too, THE LITTLE MERMAID once again feels fresh, vibrant and enchanting under Metaphrog’s expert hands.” – ReadItDaddy

“Before the anodyne days demanding a feel-good-factor Hollywood ending, children’s fairy tales were scary tales through and through, and we should all rejoice that the likes of Metaphrog are rekindling that fire and brimstone both here [in THE LITTLE MERMAID] and in THE RED SHOES.” – Page 45

“Metaphrog create beautiful art to tell the mermaid’s tale. With shades of blues and greens, they weave magic, loneliness, and mystery into their story. The waves seem to lap off the cover, beckoning the reader to come in and read their tale. This adaptation beautifully translates this powerful tale.” – Mom Read It

“[N]ot only do you have a story that is perfectly readable, and re-readable, as the decades have shown, you also have presentation to match, if not surpass that […] It truly is breath-taking at times, and is well worth the price of admission for a lifetime’s enjoyment.” – The Bookbag

“This beautifully illustrated adaptation is a must-read for all ages whether you’ve read the original, watched the Disney film or not. You’ve not fully experienced the story of the Little Mermaid until you’ve read the Metaphrog version.” – Broken Frontier

“[Metaphrog’s] latest, The Little Mermaid, is the lushest thing they’ve done. It’s a take on the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, the story of a mermaid who wants to be human. The Metaphrog version reinvents the tale as a swimmy, gorgeous vision of beauty and despair.” – The Sunday Herald