Tales From the Crypt: Buzz

“Mr. Parker’s creepy-yet-hilarious artistic style is shown off to full effect.” — THE NEW YORK TIMES


“These are fine reads that are printed and presented in top form.” — HORROR NEWS


“Creepy and weird, but sure to make tweens laugh.” — GRAPHIC NOVEL REPORTER


“I no more than opened the book when my fourth grade daughter snatched it and read the entire book in one sitting.” — THE GRAPHIC CLASSROOM


“Much like the original series, the modern version of Tales is solely aimed at the pre-teen set with terror levels to match.” — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


“The Crypt-Keeper is back once again to share his gruesome tales with teenagers everywhere.” — BOOKS @ NCPL


“Think R.L. Stine’s GOOSEBUMPS, and you’re there.” — BOOKGASM


“Parker has cartoonist in his blood: his pictures often complete the gag that Petrucha’s words set up — just as good cartooning should.” — THE COMICS JOURNAL


“The stories are fast paced and fun, the characters are addictive, and the dialogue is hilarious.” — PAPERBACK HORROR