Tales From the Crypt: Buzz

“Author William Gaines effectively collaborates with illustrator Miran Kim to produce an inherently fascinating and consistently entertaining graphic novel that will linger in the mind and memory long after the book itself has been finished and set back upon the shelf!” — THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW


“Mr. Parker’s creepy-yet-hilarious artistic style is shown off to full effect.” — THE NEW YORK TIMES


“These are fine reads that are printed and presented in top form.” — HORROR NEWS


“Creepy and weird, but sure to make tweens laugh.” — GRAPHIC NOVEL REPORTER


“I no more than opened the book when my fourth grade daughter snatched it and read the entire book in one sitting.” — THE GRAPHIC CLASSROOM


“Much like the original series, the modern version of Tales is solely aimed at the pre-teen set with terror levels to match.” — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


“The Crypt-Keeper is back once again to share his gruesome tales with teenagers everywhere.” — BOOKS @ NCPL


“Think R.L. Stine’s GOOSEBUMPS, and you’re there.” — BOOKGASM


“Parker has cartoonist in his blood: his pictures often complete the gag that Petrucha’s words set up — just as good cartooning should.” — THE COMICS JOURNAL


“The stories are fast paced and fun, the characters are addictive, and the dialogue is hilarious.” — PAPERBACK HORROR