Sybil the Backpack Fairy: Buzz

Author Michel Rodrigue gets an extensive behind-the-scenes profile at Girl Scouts Studio.


“There’s a lot of subtext to this series, allowing it to genuinely work on multiple levels. Much of that is due entirely to Rodrigue’s obvious skill with scene construction and wordplay. And the art is so intricate, so full of detail to go with its charismatic personality.” — THE LOTTERY PARTY


“Nina is plucky, brave, and makes attempts to keep her fairy grounded in what rules need to apply in the human world – mostly.” — THE LADIES OF COMICAZI


“Middle schoolers saddled with mean girls of their own will glory in this one’s comeuppance. It wouldn’t be such a bad thing to have personal fairies to help with homework, either.” — KIRKUS


Included in the Children’s Book Council’s “No Ordinary Book” Seasonal Showcase


A Children’s Book Council “Hot Off the Press” Selection


“A jumbo-sized fantasy adventure and a coming of age story all in one, as the forces of light and forces of dark unfold over a family drama. Really well done and smartly executed. . . . This story obviously calls for a lot from the visual storytellers, and they conduct their efforts stylishly and with tons of flavor.” — THE LOTTERY PARTY


“In an industry where there are way too many whiny girl geniuses, sullen, mopey children of the night and Mary Sues aplenty, Nina is a likeable kid with a healthy sense of who she is, interests that are obviously gratifying to her (she boxes) and a family life that is refreshingly free of slammed doors and tearful soliloquies about how no one understands.” — SEQUENTIAL TART


“With a great cliffhanger, fast-paced action scenes and a nemesis in both the real and supernatural world, SYBIL THE BACKPACK FAIRY builds a rich, inventive world that will definitely appeal to an older middle grade or teen reader.” — SPANDEXLESS


“The comic flows perfectly, it practically screams story boards ready for animation. . . . Each page is polished and crisp.” — COMIC ATTACK 


“Rodrigue’s perky dialogue, peppered with exclamation points, is the perfect fit for Dalena and Razzi’s rainbow-hued art and swirls of fairy sparkles.” — NO FLYING, NO TIGHTS 


“Papercutz introduces a different kind of fairy you won’t find in Never-Never Land.” — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL