Sanjay and Craig: Buzz

“The stories are purely silly, wacky, and full of gross humor that will appeal to Captain Underpants fans.” – BOOKLIST

“My son is required to read at least 20 minutes each night as homework for school.  I really like finding books for him that keep him excited and entertained while he reads.  This new Sanjay & Craig graphic novel is perfect for that.  He loves that it is in comic book form and gets excited when it is time to read it.” – THE BRAGGING MOMMY

“I rate Sanjay and Craig #1: Fight the Future with Flavor 4-Stars, for venomous hijinks, outlandish adventures, and high scale comic fun.” – KID LIT REVIEWS

Sanjay and Craig: Fight The Future With Flavor! is a cute graphic novel for kids.” – COFFEE ADDICTED WRITER

“This is a must-have on your child’;s book shelf.” – CANADIAN BASICS

“The artwork is as goofy as the stories” – ICv2