Papercutz Slices: Buzz

INTERVIEW: The Maine Public Broadcasting Network visited artist Rick Parker in his home studio in Falmouth, ME where they talked about PAPERCUTZ SLICES Vol. 5 The Farting Dead.


“If you like wacky Mad Magazine funny, this is the series for you.”  — UNCONVENTIONAL LIBRARIAN


“Those looking for a great deal of silliness and slapstick, puns and punishment are in for a treat.” — CURLED UP WITH A GOOD KIDS’ BOOK


“This feisty graphic novel series is dedicated to cutting up your favorite pop culture icons.” — EXCLUSIVE MAGAZINE


“Mostly tasteless parody for kids who like this kind of thing — and there are many.” — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL


“Will have readers laughing right off their seats.” — NO FLYING, NO TIGHTS 


“Papercutz Slices are the modern-day reincarnation of the Mad Magazine satire.” — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL


“I was holding onto the edge of my seat so I wouldn’t stop laughing.” — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL