Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew: Buzz

Three-part interview with illustrator Stan Goldberg at the “Hardy And Drew Mysteries” fan site here, here, and here.


“The cheerful art and the name-brand tie-in will draw young readers looking for hard-to-find mystery graphic novels.” — BOOKLIST


Vol. 2, Secret Sand Sleuths, featured in the Children’s Book Council’s “Hot Off The Press” list for March 2013, a curated bibliography of “anticipated bestsellers.”


INTERVIEW: A profile on Stan Goldberg on the Girl Scouts’ The Studio includes a behind-the-scenes on the making of the cover for Vol. 3 Enter the Dragon Mystery.


“These stories have a timeless quality, and keep a fun pace and very appealing artwork that altogether tell the tales well.” — THE LOTTERY PARTY


“Sarah Kinney shines. Her characterization of Nancy and her friends is definitely on-par, and the mystery maintains the level of believability for younger readers that she and Petrucha produced in the first book.” — COMIC RELATED


“3 thumbprints…[The Clue Crew books] have a Scooby-Doo visual quality to them, and at only $7.99 CAN/$6.99 US, they’re well worth the price.” — HOUSE OF CRIME AND MYSTERY


A Children’s Book Council “No Ordinary Book” Seasonal Showcase selection!


“Petrucha and Kinney do a fantastic job of keeping the story in the spirit of Nancy Drew (with Nancy’s levelheadedness, determination, and deductive skills), while maintaining a level of believability for younger readers as to what an eight-year-old Nancy could really do.” — COMIC RELATED


“The charm of the story is its real-world base, making it feel more like an Archie story than James Bond. . . . A great start for this series, and it’ll be great to see where it goes in the future.” — COMIC ATTACK


“An energetic and immediately timeless tale that sneakily praises independent thinking and general creativity.” — THE LOTTERY PARTY


“Papercutz has added a significant new dimension to the legend of Nancy Drew. She and her new Clue Crew should be around for a long time.” — NEW YORK JOURNAL OF BOOKS


“Stan Goldberg’s cheerful art is a big plus. His background as an Archie Comics artist shows to great effect, giving the illustrations a timeless, all-American feel brought to vivid life by bright but never garish or dated colors.” — BOOKLIST


Pick Of the Week Selection — GOOD COMICS FOR KIDS


“Nancy Drew begins a new adventure in the graphic novel world – as an eight-year-old sleuth in a series of Clue Crew books this October! These will appeal to the young kids in the 6 to 9 set for sure.” — NANCY DREW SLEUTH


“Kinney and Petrucha have made this a ‘safe’ entry into reading mysteries. . . . The choice of Stan Goldberg as the artist was a good one, with his background doing Archie stories. His artwork is cartoony and friendly enough to appeal to young readers.” — ICv2