Monster: Buzz

“The colors are absolutely wonderful and become especially vivid to emphasize the action and the creatures’ odd appearances by making them stand out from the background colors.”
An UNSHELVED book club recommendation


“Trondheim’s matter-of-fact absurdity will cater to sophisticated senses of humor, and the overall zaniness will appeal to just about any other kind. It’s becoming clear, though, that the real heart of the story comes from the genuine family warmth beneath all the chaos. Fast, freaky fun from a French comics master.” — BOOKLIST


A Diamond Bookshelf “Comics For Christmas” gift guide selection!


“Master cartoonist Trondheim’s twin weapons of hilarious understatement and goofy dissonance make the lunacy sing out loud and clear. . . . Don’t make the mistake of missing out on this series.” — BOOKLIST


“Trondheim’s simplistic style with just narration boxes from the POV of the children is always a joy to read; the humor is solid and entertaining for anyone, any age. . . . A giant monster turkey; what else do you need in a book around this time of year?” — COMIC ATTACK


“I greatly enjoyed this stand-alone, translated Christmas fable from Lewis Trondheim. It’s slightly odd, but it’s also very grounded in what I can remember as a kids’ perspective on the holidays and how the adults in my line of sight fussed around it.” — COMICS REPORTER


“Taking the stereotypes and tropes from old monster movies and giving them some nice post-modern twists . . . adults should also enjoy this one just as much, whether they’re reading it aloud to their children or to themselves.” — ICv2


“Fun and breezy and incredibly imaginative, with silly humor and moments of surreal goings on, but with a sizable message in the doing, of embracing the unknown and accepting accountability for one’s actions. . . . Trondheim is just a phenomenal storyteller, with keen eyes for nuance and a truly flavorful artistic prowess.” — THE LOTTERY PARTY


“In Trondheim’s small, unbordered cartoon scenes, the lumpy monsters look properly menacing. In the end, after much chasing about, they turn out to be not such bad sorts.” — KIRKUS REVIEWS


“Trondheim has done solid work here filled with comedic timing that both children and adults can laugh-out-loud at.” — COMIC ATTACK 


“Trondheim’s masterly whimsy and storytelling shine in this gladiator tale.” — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


“Both Trondheim’s art and the English-language translation create a story that could come from the mind of a child, despite its bizarre creatures and sudden surprises. Yet it’s also the work of a talented artist channeling that childish wonder into a finely crafted tale for young audiences.” — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


“It’s the kind of work you can imagine getting burrowed into more than one family’s yearly tradition. I think I would have liked it very much in my single-digit years. I like it now.” — COMICS REPORTER


“The Papercutz MONSTER series is filled with fun and clever stories!” — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL 


“I thought this book was really cute and very funny.  I thought Kriss really rocks, he’s a cool monster. . . . This is definitely a comic a lot of kids (boys and girls) will like! 5 out of 5 bookworms for Monster Dinosaur!” — THIS KID REVIEWS BOOKS 


“Terrifyingly skilled work; taking in Trondheim’s achievements on a book like this one is like watching a natural-born athlete work her way through a series of drills while barely breaking a sweat.” — COMICS REPORTER


“Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like monsters.” — KIRKUS