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Cortney Faye Powell

Cortney Faye Powell


Born in Alabama, but living most of her life in the magical realm of New York City, Cortney Powell is a writer, poet, actress, filmmaker, animal-lover, and yogini. At an early age Cortney met Batman co-creator Bob Kane and filmmakers Francis Ford Coppola and Lloyd Kaufman at the San Diego Comic-Con. At the prestigious Professional Performing Arts School, she was proud to star as Enid in cartoonist/playwright Lynda Barry’s play “The Good Times Are Killing Me.” A fan of such comics as BARBIE, LENORE, and LITTLE LULU, Cortney worked on revising the DISNEY FAIRIES scripts for an American audience for the Papercutz graphic novels. Her magical comics journey continue as the writer on the MELOWY graphic novel series, where she believe the most powerful magic of all is: Love.

Ryan Jampole

Ryan Jampole


RYAN JAMPOLE is a Harvey Award-nominated comic artist.
He hails from Queens, New York and attended the High School of Art & Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Ryan has drawn MEGA MAN and SONIC for Archie comics, DEXTER’S LABORATORY, and CODENAME KND for IDW and GERONIMO and THEA STILTON comics for Papercutz.

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