The Lunch Witch: Buzz

“A wickedly funny start to this series.” – PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY

“Truly, far too often school lunch ladies get a bad rap. In this case, it’s justified, and stout-stomached readers who have always suspected the truth should enjoy seeing how.” – KIRKUS REVIEWS


“At 180 pages, this graphic novel has enough room to pack a great story into its pages!” – THIS KID REVIEWS BOOKS

“Irresistibly charming.” – BOOKLIST

“This will be a great addition to any collection. Middle grade readers will devour this title.” – GOOD COMICS FOR KIDS

“The misadventures of this witch will have no problem pulling readers in.” – SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

“For those who like gross stories and nasty characters getting a swift comeuppance with an unexpected underdog coming out on top.” – JEAN LITTLE LIBRARY

“Graphic novel girl power, with a witch twist” – DADDY MOJO

“This enduring and heartfelt tale is appropriate for all ages looking for a cute and humorous look at the ever mysterious lunch lady character archetype” – DIAMOND DAILY

“Can a witch do a good thing and still be bad? Can a little girl do a bad thing and still be good? But more importantly, can black humor still make readers feel good? (Hint: yes.)” – INDIANA GAZETTE

“It does not need to be Halloween to enjoy The Lunch Witch. Deb Lucke’s characters will charm kids with their humor and crazy situations any day of the year.” – KID LIT REVIEWS

Named as “One of best books of the year so far for kids 6-8” by Amazon.

“There were so many horrid, funny, and unexpected twists that I couldn’t put it down for a second!” – UNSHELVED

One of The New York Public Library’s 100 Titles for Reading & Sharing



“This zany, off-the-wall caper explodes with humor and action and is bound to keep readers laughing” – SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

“This second book amps up the emotion for a read that is still darkly funny and perfectly paced. Combine all of that with Lucke’s delightfully messy art and you have the perfect sequel to Lucke’s original hit.” – KIDSREADS.COM

“This series would best suit subversive middle graders who like a story that flips stereotypes on their heads and isn’t afraid to delve into the wicked and vexatious sides of human (and witch) behaviour.” – THE BOOKSHELF GARGOYLE

“… deliciously eerie. No need to start with volume one, though kids who like their comics on the creepy side will be happy if they do.” – BOOKLIST